Ranking: The Top 5 Prosthodontists in Palm Beach County


Prosthodontists are the solution to all your tooth, gum and jaw-related problems! Highly skilled, they specialize in everything ranging from toothaches to restoring missing jaw structures. They expertly navigate the intricacies of dental implants and are specially trained in all maxillofacial areas. We have assembled a list of the top five prosthodontists in Palm Beach County who value oral healthcare, believe in the comfort of their patients, and are highly trained in cosmetics and dental implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, and more.

How to choose a prosthodontist? 

Prosthodontists are considered experts when it comes to restoring missing teeth, jaw and ultimately resolving any facial discomfort you might be feeling. After completing their dental school, prosthodontists are required to train extensively for three years in postgraduate training. This is also why prosthodontists are highly skilled in both general dentistry procedures as well as complex procedures relating to cosmetics, implants, bridges, and more. So, you should always choose a prosthodontist based on their advanced training and education. One way to determine this is to verify that they are certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics (ABP). 

  • Dr. Nicholas Goetz (DMD, MS)

Dr. Goetz is located in Delray Beach, Florida, and specializes in maxillofacial prosthodontics, which concerns the restoration of teeth as well as surrounding tissues. A board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Goetz has several honorary awards and fellowships which reflect his academic excellence. He also has a professional career as a civilian maxillofacial prosthodontist for the United States Army, and patients describe him as warm, well-informed, and trustworthy.

  • Dr. Carolina Steier (DMD)

Dr. Carolina Steier has a stellar reputation for her competence and commitment to the highest standards in tooth maintenance and repair. Patients who require reconstructive procedures such as bridges or dentures can rely on Dr. Steier’s expertise and experience to provide them with the best care available. Her office is kept clean and disinfected at all times to protect her clients’ safety.

  • Dr. Craig Segal (DMD, PA)

Dr. Segal is specialized in the restoration of dental structures that have been damaged, fractured, or altered. He is committed to offering high-quality dental services in a relaxing environment. At the specialist level, he provides a comprehensive range of dental services related to Cosmetic Dentistry.

  • Dr. Roy C Blake III (DDS, MSD)

On top of having membership of the American Dental Association, Dr. Blake stays up to date on the latest innovations and progresses in the dentistry sector. When possible, he tries to keep a patient’s natural teeth. His keen eye for detail, as well as his significant experience in prosthodontics, enable him to create a stunning, comfortable outcome that will make you happy.

  • Dr. Joy Rohrer (DMD)

Dr. Joy, a cosmetic dentist, has conducted over 100,000 dental treatments with precision and efficiency throughout the course of her 25-year career. She is a firm believer in aesthetics and long-term dental health. Her practice’s cosmetic philosophy is built upon the L.D. Pankey Institute’s teachings. One of this philosophy’s driving beliefs is to treat people, not merely their teeth.

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