Quinch Your Thirst with Tradewinds Tea


Quinch Your Thirst with Tradewinds Tea

10329178_745670035455229_6598508223848081512_nSummer is here and it is going to be complete opposite than our extra long record breaking Winter. I think Mother Nature missed Spring this year and skipped right to Summer here in New York. We have already had temperatures in the 90’s and we opened the pool the beginning of May! Time to start thinking of alternatives to sugary sodas to quench our thirst!

We recently had the opportunity to work with Tradewinds Teas and review two flavors of tea free of charge. We were sent 5 bottles of tea, of course the kids each claimed a bottle before I even had a chance to put them in the fridge. I told each of the kids if they were going to review the teas that they had to come up with an unique way to drink or use the teas.

Alexandria right away wanted to make special Tradewinds Tea Pops. We used our reusable ice pop maker and poured in the tea. She picked a bottle of Sweet Tea so there was now reason to add extra sugar. We froze the pops over night and enjoyed them the next day.

Cheyenne decided that she wanted to make Tea Cubes with fruit. These are extremely easy to make and a great way to add fruit to your diet. It is also a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen. Simply get an ice cube tray and fill with your favorite fruits. Of course Cheyenne’s favorite fruit is blue berries so she filled the tray while I opened her bottle of unsweetened tea.

Kevin wanted to try making an Iced Tea Slushy with his bottle of Tradewinds Sweet Tea. He took an ice cube tray and poured in the tea carefully. We then waited for the tea to freeze. Once they were frozen we put the cubes into the slushy maker and were ready to go.

Southern Iced TeaIrvy didn’t want to wait to enjoy his tea longer than he had to. His bottle of sweet tea went into the fridge and chilled while he took his nap. 

With the last bottle of Unsweetened Tea I had to try making my favorite drink, Southern Iced Tea Cocktail. It is extremely easy to make and perfect way to end a hot Summer day. Click here for the Southern Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe.

All of Tradewinds thirst-quenching iced teas are made with 100% refreshing ingredients. Tradewinds started brewing Sweet Tea in 1992. Since then, Tradewinds has grown to offer a variety of flavors, sold in stores around the U.S. They currently have the following flavors available for purchase:

Diet Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea
Extra Sweet Tea
Raspberry Tea
Half & Half Lemonade Tea
Diet Green Tea with a Touch of Honey
Green Tea with Honey
Lemon Tea
Unsweet Tea

If you would like more information about Tradewind Teas, please visit the Tradewinds Teas Website. If you would like to find Tradewinds Teas in your local retailer please visit the store locator. Be sure to stay up to date on all of the latest news and product flavors from Tradewinds Teas by following their social media pages on Facebook. While you are there be sure to follow Mom Blog Society on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: Mom Blog Society received product free of charge to write our review. All opinions stated in our review are our own truthfully opinion and were not influenced by the sponsor or from getting the review product free of charge. In no way did we received monetary compensated for our review or opinion.

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