Quick Tips On How To End Ant Invasion Once and For All


Pests are definitely among the things that all homeowners want to avoid. These small creatures are not only annoying but they are also infuriating as they cause major damages. Ants are one of the pests that can be found almost everywhere in your house. The most common harm that ants do is plague food which is already alarming. Moreover, there have been reports showing that there are certain types of ants that can do more than just that. Which is why, home owners are constantly figuring out ways to get rid of ants through effective pests control management.

Recently, ants dubbed as “Crazy ants” have been reported to cause damage in electronics and ruin live stocks, affecting more and more states as the incidents affected Texas and Florida. Many people are using whatever pest control measure they can to address this. In 2012, the specie was scientifically identified as Nylanderia Fulva that has its origins in northern Argentina and Southern Brazil. According to research, these types of ants reduce diversity across different ants and arthropod species through starving others of food sources. Crazy ants possess erratic behaviors traveling unpredictable paths, hence being called “crazy”. They easily work their ways on electrical devices and disrupt the circuitry and wiring. After 20 counties in Florida and 21 in Texas, Crazy ants are now scattering in Mississippi and Louisiana.

If you don’t want to be victimized by ants or these pests as a whole, take note of these simple tips on how to get rid of ants in your homes.

  1. Identify the type of ant you are dealing with to determine what kind of pest control measures work for them best. This will also help you learn about where the ants are usually found, what triggers their presence, what their nesting habits are.
  2. Close or cover any possible entrances or holes that ants can go into. You can easily identify these sources when you see a parade of ants marching through that entryway. You can also use caulk in sealing these holes and cracks.
  3. Apply scents and substances that may irritate ants. Such scents are black pepper, vinegar, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, bay leaves, and whole cloves.
  4. Clean the house. Dust off any crumbs of food, wipe up spills immediately, dispose the garbage, store food in the fridge or microwave, and wash the dishes right away.
  5. All-purpose cleaner or bleach solution are also effective as sprays for ant trails or nest. Make sure you spray them all to decrease the chances of them growing a larger colony.
  6. Use chalk or baby powder to draw a line across the areas where ants are entering your home since Talcum powder is a natural ant repellant.
  7. Make sure the substances you are using will not risk anyone’s health inside your home. Safe methods and regulation of the usage of such substances are highly recommended.

When things are beyond your capability, do not hesitate to call pest busters as they are professionals in pest control, especially when you are dealing with ants that pose harmful threats in your home such as that of Crazy ants. With their proven methods and equipment, Pest Busters will help you accurately detect and eliminate ant trails and hideouts. Most especially, they help you become well-informed on what to do whenever you experience another ant infestation.

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