Protecting Yourself in a Dangerous Modern World


The modern world is full of technologies that our ancestors could hardly have dreamed of. Many of the advances that humans have made over the years have made our lives easier, happier, longer, and more productive. But not every development has been good, and not every person benefiting from technological advances is a saint. Our modern world is a dangerous one. While some crimes and problems have been foiled by technology and science, others have become easier — and other, entirely new crimes have been invented. Today, isn’t not enough to lock your doors or be street-smart. You have to be smart about your life online, too, and to invest in smart home security solutions. Here’s what you need to know about protecting yourself in the internet age.

Protecting your identity and avoiding scams

Identity theft is a modern crime, and a serious one. While forms of identity theft have been around for ages, modern-day identity theft is very much an outgrowth of the internet age. Crooks often find our personal and financial information by breaching web security, rather than by tricking us into sharing too much information.

Investing in an identity monitoring service can be a smart way to keep track of potential threats. Meanwhile, be sure to keep using your common sense every day. Don’t give away any information you shouldn’t. Remember the warning signs of scams, and make sure that you’re truly communicating with your bank or a government agency before you start forking over private financial information.

Knowing who is trustworthy

Our connected world makes it easier than ever to communicate with others. But many of the people who we interact with online are strangers. When we get a date for tonight on Tinder or Bumble, do we really know anything about that person? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

That’s why you need to be smart about what you do when you meet people online. Be wary about giving out personal details, never meet strangers for the first time in private, and consider doing a bit of research before you trust an online stranger. It’s easier than ever these days to find a person’s web footprint, so check out social media pages and search databases of criminal records and mugshots online. You might learn something important out there that your would-be date isn’t telling you.

Protecting your home with technology

Security systems have been around for a long time, but they haven’t stayed the same. Modern home security systems are more versatile and powerful than ever, and it’s essential that your home’s protection is up to date.

Consider a smart home security system that integrates other smart home features and works with other smart home devices — such as light and thermostat controls and smart speakers with AI assistants — into its apps and interfaces. Make sure that your system can communicate with the security monitoring company using cellular connections as well as internet and/or landlines, so that you’ll still get the help that you need even if the crooks cut the cables before they arrive. And pair your security system with best practices like avoiding doing anything that might alert the criminals the fact that you’re out of town.

Life shouldn’t have to be scary, but you do need to keep your wits about your and take basic steps to protect your identity, your home, and yourself. Be smart, and remember that all the technological advances in the world can’t change human nature. A lot of criminals out there, and you need to keep them at bay.

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