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You often have to suffer the consequences of water damage, especially if you are a homemaker or a business owner. There are several factors that lead to water damage, including heavy rainfall, roof damage, flash flood, appliance malfunction, plumbing failure, overflow of tanks, etc. If the source of the damage is investigated at an early stage, then we may probably get rid of the issues very quickly. Still, if we don’t attend the problem promptly, secondary damages may occur.

If the situation goes out of hand, you can always approach an efficient water damage company. The experts at water damage Georgetown are still ready to assist you promptly. Their team of experts are highly skilled and can solve any water damage issue in a few hours only.

“Prevention is better than cure”, never turn obsolete. One must always stay alert and try to prevent water damage.

Some expert tips for preventing water damage are:

1. Hoses should be well-connected

Suppose the hose is not in the proper condition. In that case, the stagnant water may freeze reverse into the pipe and create a sturdy deposition that will stop the water flow and block the pipe in mild cases. Severe cases, may cause the pipe to burst and create adverse water damage issues like drywall damage, floor and wall damage and so on.

2. Arrange for gutter cleaning

You must get the gutters in your home cleaned at least once every six months, to avoid blockages and overflow. Stagnant water and unsupervised overflow create puddles that damage the foundation of your house and damage the gutters and the roof. Always make sure that the course of the downspouts is away from your home, and make sure you clean the downspouts to ensure uninterrupted water flow.

3.  Have healthy vegetation

It is good to have dense vegetation in your locality unless the root mingles with the pipes, overpower them and ultimately break them. That’s why we must ensure that there is a proper demarcation between the growing vegetation and the plumbing system. Arrange for adequate trimming of trees and shrubs, so that they don’t grow in disfigured shape.

4. Have proper knowledge about the controls

Sometimes, if any of the pipes burst, you are required to switch off the main water supply. But for that, you need to know where the control is and how to operate it. If you switch it off on time, then there is no chance of occurrence of secondary water damage.

5. Proper maintenance of appliances

Water-driven appliances like the washing machine, electric water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator, air conditioner, geyser, and so on must be regularly checked for leaks, malfunctions or overloading so that any sudden havoc is not created.

6. Re-install the washing machine hoses regularly

The hoses of washing machines often get worn-out due to overuse; this leads to leakage from the washing machine. To avoid experiencing any massive damage, you must get it inspected and upgraded regularly.

7. Installing water level indicators

You can get a water level indication system; it comes with a small electronic water sensor connected with an alarm; the alarm is fired when the water level increases beyond its threshold value. It even detects a small amount of moisture or gradual leaks from devices that go unnoticed otherwise. This may even work remotely, if you’re not inside your home, you may receive a notification on your smart devices.

8. Examine your water bill or motor reading

If your water bill increases abruptly or your motor reading shows random fluctuations that means the water is being lost somewhere in the plumbing system, check all the pipes and hoses for leakage.

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jack martin
3 years ago

Amazing tips about home decor and really useful for everyone thanks for share.