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Little Big Books Launches New Line of Five Interactive Musical e-Books for Today’s Toddler



Is there a toddler in your life? Are the two of you always on the go? Do you love your computer? Does your iPhone, iPad, or other hand held device travel with you everywhere?


Then, Little Big Books may be for you.

 Sunflower Cover

The first of this new line of five, interactive musical eBooks for toddlers, Potty Party, is now available on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo and Nook.

Potty Party is a wildly funny story about a familiar parenting challenge: toilet training. Mom wants her toddler to poop in the potty. He prefers to do it in his pull-ups. But this time, something different happens. A zany band of animals playing musical instruments pours out of the bathroom shower. They’re singing and playing the Potty Party song! Encouraged to think of pottying as huge fun, the toddler joins in. Soon, everyone is dancing. The new potty-pooper even remembers to flush.  Thunderous applause! YEAAAA!

Potty Party Cover


The red-hot keyboard and kazoo band of musician/composers Allison McCready and Cary Beare, coupled with artist Anne Baird’s lively illustrations, make the book irresistible.

BLANKIE, Spread 7


The next four books in the collection, Moon Moon (a going-to-sleep book), Blankie (security). Sunflower (dealing with loss) and Teeny Green (a secret pet) will be available soon. Check them all out on our website, http://www.littlebigbooks.net.

MOON MOON Spread 5


Little Big Books were designed to delight and entertain today’s internet-savvy tots and parents. Every book is being configured to download to today’s major computers and hand held devices. Each features a flipbook with voiceover reading, plus a lively embedded musical video at the end. With a little help, even small children soon learn to restart the book or video, and to sing along with the song.  This connection helps launch them into a lifelong love of books and music.


A Little Big Book is handy. A busy mom can entertain her toddler while changing his diaper.  A dad can soothe his restless child while rocking her to sleep. A grandma can cuddle with a grandchild in front of her computer.



Little Big Books (“Big Ideas for Little People”) are always fun! But they also approach big issues that confront toddlers with a feather-light touch. That gives them depth as well as entertainment value.  Every book delivers a positive, encouraging message. The songs are singable, the illustrations, exuberant. Little Big Books really GETS toddlers!

Potty Party Spread 4


To learn, see and hear more, please visit our Little Big Books website at www.littlebigbooks.net. Find out more about the Little Big team who created this project. Enjoy the charming video of our first Toddler Review! Submit one of your own…


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