Post-Pregnancy Vision Changes: Considering Contact Lenses


Pregnancy is a transformative experience, bringing about a myriad of physical and emotional changes. While most women are prepared for the more commonly discussed shifts, like weight gain or skin changes, few anticipate the potential changes in their vision. As surprising as it may sound, pregnancy can indeed affect one’s eyesight. This guide delves into the phenomenon of post-pregnancy vision changes and explores how contact lenses like DAILIES and Acuvue Oasys can offer a flexible and effective solution.

Understanding Vision Changes During and After Pregnancy

The body undergoes significant hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. These hormonal shifts, combined with increased blood volume and other physiological changes, can influence the eyes in various ways:

  1. Refractive Changes: Some women experience a change in the strength of their prescription during pregnancy. This can manifest as blurred vision, either for distant objects, close-up tasks, or both.
  2. Dry Eyes: The changes in hormone levels can reduce tear production, leading to dry eyes. Symptoms might include itching, burning, or a gritty feeling in the eyes.
  3. Thickening of the Cornea: Fluid retention, a common occurrence during pregnancy, can cause the cornea (the eye’s front surface) to thicken and curve slightly. This change can affect how light enters the eye, leading to blurred or distorted vision.
  4. Increased Eye Pressure: In some cases, fluid retention can also increase the pressure inside the eyes, a condition to monitor closely as it can be a precursor to glaucoma.

It’s essential to note that while many of these changes are temporary and resolve postpartum, some women may experience lingering effects. Regular eye check-ups during and after pregnancy are crucial to monitor and address any vision changes.

Why Consider Contact Lenses Post-Pregnancy?

If you’ve experienced vision changes post-pregnancy and are contemplating corrective solutions, here’s why contact lenses might be an excellent choice:

  1. Flexibility: Unlike investing in a new pair of glasses, which can be costly and might not cater to further vision changes, contact lenses offer flexibility. If your prescription changes again, adjusting your contact lens strength is straightforward.
  2. Convenience for New Moms: Glasses can sometimes be cumbersome, especially when caring for a newborn. Whether it’s the baby grabbing your frames or the glasses fogging up during feedings, contact lenses can eliminate these challenges.
  3. Active Lifestyle: For mothers who are keen to get back into their fitness routines, contact lenses are more practical than glasses. They won’t slip off during a workout, and they provide an unobstructed field of vision.
  4. Aesthetic Preferences: Some women prefer the look without glasses. Contact lenses can provide a boost of confidence, especially when physical changes post-pregnancy might be affecting self-esteem.
  5. Compatibility with Dry Eyes: Today’s contact lenses are designed with advanced materials that retain moisture, making them suitable even for those experiencing post-pregnancy dry eyes.

Choosing the Right Contact Lenses

If you’re considering contact lenses post-pregnancy, here are some tips:

  1. Consult an Optometrist: Always start with a comprehensive eye exam. Your optometrist can confirm any vision changes and recommend the best type of contact lenses for your needs.
  2. Consider Daily Lenses: For new moms with busy schedules, daily disposable lenses like DAILIES can be convenient. There’s no need for cleaning or storing, ensuring a fresh pair every day.
  3. Prioritize Comfort: Given the potential for dry eyes post-pregnancy, opt for lenses known for their moisture retention properties such as Acuvue Oasys.
  4. Stay Informed: If you’re breastfeeding, discuss with your optometrist before using any medicated eye drops or solutions that might be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, albeit one filled with unexpected twists and turns. Vision changes, while not the most discussed topic, are a reality for many women. As you navigate motherhood and its challenges, contact lenses can offer a practical and flexible solution to ensure the world remains in clear focus. Always consult with an eye care professional to make informed decisions about your eye health.

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