Poobah – The Perfect Family-Friendly Conversation Game


How many countless hours have you spent searching for a game that everyone in your family can play? Make your family game nights a reality with Poobah – The Conversation Game. You’ll love how Poobah opens up the lines of conversation seamlessly for everyone in your house!

Poobah – The Conversation Game

Not only does this game start conversations in thanks to the 250 game cards spread out over 5 different categories, but it also has some funny and amazing loud out loud moments as well! Just when you think you know your family and friends…you may be surprised and shocked by some of the answers that they give! 

Perfect for ages 7 and above, and all you need are at least 3 players to play. 

Who Created Poobah? 

3 brothers and dads who saw a need for a game that promoted more family time. Plus, there is literally no other game such as this one out there! It’s unique, fun and interactive! Not only is it fun, but it builds social skills, conversation skills and helps to strengthen emotional intelligence. 

Why Poobah? 

There are so many amazing reasons to play Poobah – The Conversation Game, but one of the biggest reasons is that it promotes time talking to one another. The questions asked during this game will create bonding moments and memories that you can cherish and treasure for a lifetime. 

Poobah has 250 game cards specifically to:

  • Strengthen emotional intelligence
  • Share stories to deepen relationships
  • Improve confidence 
  • Voice opinions 
  • Showcase creativity
  • …and most important, make the most of your time together!

Visit www.playpoobah.com to watch a fun video so you can see how Poobah works! 


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jenn @ EngineerMommy

I love games that spark conversation! This game sounds absolutely awesome. My family would love this!


This would be a wonderful game to play with my family during our holiday gatherings. I know they would love it.


I actually have this too! I really love it as well. It’s great for getting conversations started.


I love to organize game nights once in a while. We have a lot of fun together. I am sure that my family will love Poobah.

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

This sounds like an amazing game. I know that my family would love it.

Melanie Walsh
Melanie Walsh

Now that the kids are older, it’s getting more fun to play games as a family. This sounds like a hilarious way to learn more about your family and friends.


Poobah sounds like a fun game for the whole family. Family conversations are special and important so I will have to check it out.


This looks like such an amazing way to promote conversation and learn more about your family. I’ll have to add this to my list of games to buy.