PeriCoach Can Help with Woman’s Sexual Dysfunction


As any woman knows, sometimes being a woman isn’t easy.  No, we do not need a pity party, but it is a truth in our lives.  You start out as a young teen or teen with a menstrual cycle, which always seemed embarrassing.  Then at some point, many women give birth to one or more babies.  Although they are a joy, they wreak havoc on our insides.  This can lead to bladder leakage possibly at some point, although not all women suffer from this.

I would think for women the hardest condition when it comes to this area is sexual dysfunction.  The pelvic floor has lost its ability to work correctly.  With PeriCoach this can be helped. 

PeriCoach Can Help with Woman's Sexual Dysfunction

Recently the FDA has expanded the use of PeriCoach at-home pelvic floor trainer device and smartphone app for sexual health.  

“While it is empowering for women to self-manage pelvic floor related issues from bladder leakage to sexual function, the product they use has to be reliable.”

This is very important and quoted from Megan Henken, Vice President Marketing for Analytica.

A study was conducted where ten pelvic health physical therapists (PTs) used PeriCoach during January and February 2016 and completed a questionnaire as part of a PT Experience program. By taking part in the study they were asked to report their experiences with the device and the app. They were also asked as well for their expert opinions on the value of PeriCoach in helping women with their pelvic floor muscle training at home. Ten out of ten PTs indicated an overall positive experience with PeriCoach and all would recommend it to their patients.

Many women feel that having a decrease in their sexual ability is just part of getting old(er).  The important thing is for women to know that there are options.  There are self-help strategies as well as home pelvic floor help and support with PeriCoach.  The PeriCoach can improve not only the floor muscle strength but sexual function at ANY age.  That is a relief I am sure to many women who didn’t think there were any alternatives. We also have to remember that sexual dysfunction can also be attributed to biological, interpersonal issues, or psychological issues.  This may require treatment from your personal practitioner on top of the PeriCoach.  Above all, if having sex causes pain a woman should first visit their gynecologist before trying anything other avenues.

Analytica will be further pursuing pelvic floor ideas such as pelvic floor exercise which is a conventional treatment option for mild pelvic organ prolapse and fecal incontinence.

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