Pregnant and Don’t Know What to Do? How Adoption Can Become An Answer


Why Adoption Is An Option For Your Baby

Other people might insist all children are blessings, be it they were created accidentally or not, but that’s not the reality of pregnancy for many women. According to the WashingtonPost (see reference), 45% of the US’s annual 6 million pregnancies are all unplanned. They all vary in age, some too young, some too old. However, all of them have one thing in common: they didn’t consider the news of their pregnancy a blessing, and there are many reasons behind this pessimistic view.

The most common is their feeling of unreadiness. This also doesn’t young women, as even those above the age of 45 viewing themselves still unequipped for their young child coming into the world. Along with this apprehension, a feeling of not wanting their kid begins to grow, and this unconscious thought is still present even as they raise their child inevitably. It affects their development and causes many problems in their adulthood.

Benefits Of An Adoptive Family

  • Positive And Patient

What you might lack in positivity and patience, foster families have studied and readied themselves for years. Your decision on giving baby up for adoption is not an err, especially with foster families partnered with excellent and receptive adoption centers. Make they’re with a reputable company first, though. Reputable adoption centers only choose the best families with background checks and other assessments, which includes their approach to adoption.

The ideal family will be able to provide an excellent and nurturing environment for your child, one that will help them catch up to their developmental lag. They won’t pressure the child into being a perfect child and will be patient enough with each daily success. Each small step taken will be celebrated and will reinforce self-esteem, self-confidence, and trust lost will be restored.

  • They Can Weather The Storm Out

Any adoptive family knows how to handle rejection. Just a little from their adoptive daughter/son won’t deter them from giving the care and love they want to share. This newsletter,, lists loss of trust as one of the long-term effects of adoption. Especially for younger children and teens that have undergone a lot with their biological family, connecting with them with trust is a tough thing to do.

Foster families that attended seminars, training, read books and educated themselves know this reaction is inevitable and almost expected. Pushing other away people after their trust in someone got shattered, and pause their own parental gratification in favor of the child’s feelings. This might take months or years, but the foster parents know they aren’t the priority —the kid is.

  • Emotionally Mature

Foster children, especially older teenagers, bring with them more massive and negative feelings. Some are destructive and may need more attention and patience than other foster children. Naturally, foster families will not throw this negative feeling around and hurl it back to the child, like an immature adult. They will take said emotion, process it, and know the difference between being emotionally mature as an adult and being a teenager that had a lot on their plate.

Being emotionally mature is being emotionally stable, never answering any tantrums or bursts of emotion with the same. In this way, the child can be introduced to a space that has lesser negative emotions while being exposed to genuine affection. This can be used to buff their negative feelings with something loving and caring.

  • They’re More Than Willing To Shower Your Child With Love

Many foster parents are considered infertile or suffered miscarriage or loss of a child. A gap has opened up, a gap that only seeks to be filled with a child with the same hole in them. Because of their experience, foster parents are so filled with misplaced love that your child need not to wonder if they even adopted in the first place.

Whether you desired to be a mother or not, wanting what’s best for your child is, most of the time, instinctive. Though you couldn’t give the love the child needs, the foster family has more than enough to pour into the child, enough to cover all the missed opportunity of affection they had in the past.

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