No One Can Touch My Retirement for Child Support or Alimony, Right?


A pension payment received on a monthly basis allows a retired person who has no other means of income to fulfil all of their financial obligations. However, it is possible for certain sums to be deducted from any one of these types of payments. The next essay will provide an explanation of how retention works and will investigate several methods in which its scope might be reduced.  

What is alimony? 

After a family files printable divorce papers the question of alimony becomes very sharp. If a member of the family is required by law to pay alimony but refuses to do so willingly, the court will order that he fulfil his obligation to pay alimony. If we are talking about exes who have severed their links to one another, then it is possible to recuperate maintenance payments, even if they were made for a person who is no longer a part of the family. 

An individual who has reached retirement age may have some or all of their pension funds withheld in order to support the following parties: 

  • spouse or former spouse; 
  • minor child; 
  • a young adult who is unable to work and provide for him or herself due to circumstances that are beyond his or her control; 
  • mother or father of adult children; 
  • the grandma or grandpa if they took care of the kids instead of the parents; 
  • other family members, so long as they were financially dependent on the payors of the alimony. 

Reference! Someone sets aside money to cover their day-to-day expenditures in order to ensure that they will continue to exist. These donations are solicited on an as-needed basis and are collected without conditions for minors. For other members of your family, you will need to demonstrate that they are unable to support themselves either because they do not have sufficient resources or because they are unable to obtain meaningful employment. 

It is possible that a non-custodial parent’s significant out-of-pocket expenses for their young children will be compensated. They may include enrolling the child in school, buying him or her a musical instrument if they have an interest in music, taking the child on an exciting trip, or any number of other activities. 

The law does not consider spousal support payments to be alimony — one spouse offers financial assistance to the other out of the goodness of their heart while they are married to one other. The latter may be recovered from a debtor with the assistance of a valid court order, a decision and a warrant of execution issued on its grounds, or a signed alimony agreement. All three of these legal documents must be shown in order to collect the debt. 

Can retirement funds be used to satisfy child support — yes or no 

According to the Family Code, there is no specific list of payments or income streams from which a citizen may deduct payments made toward child support or spousal support. To the best of our knowledge, we are only aware of a single normative text that even makes reference to this matter. A regulation has been issued by the government that details the different types of income that can be used to qualify for alimony payments.  

The maintenance obligations of minor children are governed by a government regulation that lays out in great detail the different kinds of contributions that can be used to satisfy those obligations. It is true that the bailiff service recommends that this legal act be extended when collecting any other types of alimony, and this course of action is consistent with the methodology that they advise for use. Concerning this topic, there is still a lack of transparency. 

However, according to the statute that governs the processes for enforcing the law, there are a few other kinds of income that are particularly excluded from paying penalties. The provision of obligatory social insurance is another kind of transfer that is included in this category of transfers. Because of this, the question of whether or not such payments may be deducted from pensions often arises. Specifically, the question is “can” rather than «may.» 

If you are asking yourself «can child support take my 401k», we have an answer for you.  Your 401(k) funds generally cannot be garnished to cover federal, state, or local taxes. Nonetheless, a child support 401k withdrawal may be an option if you owe alimony, federal income taxes, or child support. 

  1. Retirement pension 

It is against the law to collect from some forms of insurance payments; nevertheless, this pension provision is singled out as an exception to this rule. This indicates that the bailiff has the ability to seize a recipient’s pension in order to collect alimony payments from the individual. If you owe child support, 401k may be taken to cover it.  

  1. Disability pension

Alimony payments are also deducted from a person’s disability pension due to the social nature of this provision and the fact that its intended purpose is to provide financial assistance for a disabled person. This point is made abundantly clear by the language that is used in the legislation that governs legal actions. 

  1. Military pension

There is no specific mention of a pension anywhere in the document as a source of income from which a dependent family member could be disqualified from receiving maintenance payments.  

On the other hand, given that all types of pensions are brought up, it is reasonable to assume that military pensions are also covered by this.  

This makes perfect sense; the status of a serviceman cannot absolve him of the responsibility to provide for his dependents. 

Is it possible to reduce the amount of alimony from pension payments? 

According to the law, the amounts that are considered to be the standard for the child support payments who are still considered to be minors may be reduced, but only in exceptional circumstances. 

The following are listed by the Supreme Court: 

  • the fact that the citizen in issue has obligations toward other individuals, such as providing care for his other children who are still minors; 
  • a citizen’s meagre wages, which leave him with no discretionary means after alimony payments (although, documentation must be submitted to the court that this is not an effort to hide the citizen’s official earnings); a citizen’s child support obligations; 
  • owing to the fact that the payer is getting older or their health is becoming worse; 

It is important to note that the general norm establishes the possibility of modifying the established amount of maintenance, which includes, but is not limited to, child support and other forms of spousal support. It is also important to note that this possibility can be changed at any time. According to the law, this is a choice that may be made only if there has been a material change in the marital or financial conditions of either of the parties involved.  

Everyone who is affected by this rule will be treated fairly. If a citizen’s handicapped ex-wife remarries, for instance, she may be eligible to have all alimony payments completely waived. Because of this, alimony payments to the ex-spouse may be reduced if the receiver has remarried and is now supporting a new wife who is dependent on him financially. 

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