How To Deal With People Who Blame You For Everything


If you are stressed and under constant pressure, since you feel blamed for everything, it is better to reassess the situation and take appropriate measures before you undergo serious complications for your mental and physical wellness. Whether it is your spouse, your close friends, relatives, or co-workers who see your fault in all mishaps, it may hurt much and prevent you from normal functioning. Check out what you can do in such a case to change your life for the better.

Reassess Your Attitude 

Your very first step to ruin a total blame curse on you is to analyze your own attitude to the situation. Look closer at the cases when you are blamed and assess how much fault is yours. Maybe, you are guilty in some cases but don’t want to acknowledge it. It is better to be more self-critical and approach the issue soberly. 

Or you can suffer from constant blaming not because it really happened but because you are just exaggerating things. For instance, your partner disapproves of your action, and instead of discussing the case openly, you rush to search how long does divorce take in California. 

Anyway, stay calm and reassess the situation from different angles before making any conclusions and taking appropriate measures.

Consult an Objective Side

If you manage to hold your temper but still wonder why does everyone blame me for everything, maybe you need an independent view of the situation. You may ask a close relative or friend who is maximum familiar with the issue for advice or objective review. Still, if they support you much, their advice may be biased. So, an expert view from the in-field professional may help you more. Mind that hearing someone’s view is not enough, but taking appropriate measures will make the difference.

Discuss the Issue Straightly

Sometimes it is better not to beat around the bush and ask everyone around how to handle the situation but discuss the issue straightly with your ‘blamer’. Whether it is your spouse with narcissist toxic habits, your close friend who can never acknowledge their fault, or relative you find difficult but have to put up with, there is no point in keeping silent about your concerns. Instead, find time and courage to open up about what bothers you, listen up to their point, and work on the situation together

Concentrate on Cooperation 

When you feel getting blamed for everything, it will damage your life to a certain extent. You may find it difficult to concentrate, feel depressed or annoyed, and have your mood down. Your only task is to change the situation by moving your focus. Switch it to cooperation with another side of the conflict and try to solve the issue together. As soon as you can discuss the problem and come to a compromise, things will go better eventually and you will breathe freely. Mind that doing nothing but suffering will bring no good to you. 

Don’t Take It Personally 

Sometimes blame game in divorce or in any other kind of relationship has nothing to do with you personally. You are blamed not because you are guilty of something but because of the way the person feels. They may be angry at you, disappointed about your life choices, or jealous about your success so that they want you to feel worse. If that’s the case, it is better to back away and don’t take the situation personally but remove the person from your environment. 

Protect Yourself 

If you can change anything, it is better not to have someone who blames you for everything close to you. They will keep poisoning your life if you cannot find a mutually comfortable solution. If these are toxic relationships, quit them, if that’s a close friend tormenting you, drift apart gradually, and so on. Protect your mental and physical health by removing the person from your life in a peaceful way. Don’t try to persuade them and whiten your name. Just move forward without the person who strives to spoil your life.


Being overwhelmed by negative emotions, your own ones, and from your surrounding, you will hardly cope with daily tasks and more significant issues. If you get constantly blamed by someone but see no your fault, it is better to manage the situation toward positive outcomes. This means you should better change your attitude to the problem, take a proactive position to find a suitable solution, and cut toxic people from your life so that you can save yourself from any negative impacts. 

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