New House, New Decorations: 5 Tips on Making Your House a Home


Almost 10% of Americans move home every year. That means millions of people going through the stress of selling, moving, and redecorating a house. And at the end of the ordeal, you only want somewhere you can feel at home.

Making your house a home can be overwhelming. You might be desperate to settle in and feel relaxed in your new home, but finances and other priorities can make it difficult.

But even if your house needs a lot of work, there are plenty of ways you can make your new house feel like your new home. Here are some home decorating tips to get you started.

1. Mood Lighting

Lighting is very personal. You might feel as if you are still living in someone else’s house if the lighting is not ideal for you.

The previous owners may have loved the sunlight streaming through their bedroom window at five in the morning. And they may have installed ten sconces around the living room to maximize the light.

If you are not happy with these lighting choices, they will become annoying fast. 

Instead, consider which bulbs create the mood lighting you prefer. You might like bright white light in your bathroom but softer light in your living room. Install dimmer switches so you can control the amount of light.

Invest in floor lamps, side table lamps, and desk lamps if you need them.

Also, do not forget about natural light. If you are a night owl, you may want to buy blackout blinds. If you love sunlight, consider modern net curtains or Venetian blinds.

Once you control your house’s lighting, it will start to feel like your home.

2. Personalized Art and Photographs

There are reasons why home decor in magazines can seem sterile and unliveable. The first reason is the lack of spaghetti and wine stains hiding behind throw cushions and rugs!

But the second reason is the lack of family photographs and personalized wall art.

Family photographs are essential for making your house a home. Earmark spaces on the mantle, sideboard, or opt for a gallery wall. Find some cute frames in antique stores or on websites like Etsy. 

There are far worse ways to spend an afternoon than cracking open the old family photo albums and selecting ones to display. Or in today’s world, you can log into your social media accounts, scroll through, and order photos via apps.

Make a list of everyone you want to include so you do not leave anyone out!

You could also display some custom art featuring family names on your wall. Not only will the art be something you enjoy looking at, but it will honor your loved ones too.

3. Creative and Customized Storage Solutions

Planning your storage options might not sound fun, but most interior design tips revolve around storing your stuff. And your stuff should bring you joy! Your skis, your favorite crockpot, and your beloved book collection are all “stuff” you should get excited about storing in your new home.

Think about every room in your new home and what you need to store in there. Make a list that looks something like this:

  • Home office = paperwork, books, games
  • Attic = decorations, camping gear, suitcases
  • Bedroom = clothes, blankets, accessories

Find a spot for all your belongings. Do not forget small sections of your house like your entryway. If there are four of you in your household, you may want four coat hooks and a small bench for shoes at your front door. 

You might want a bowl for your keys, too. All these little storage considerations are a way to put your stamp on your new home.

If space is tight, get creative. Many coffee tables have sliding doors and you could use under-bed storage for seasonal items like sleeping bags.

Choose storage solutions that work for you and your family’s lifestyle.

4. Plant Some Plants (Inside and Outside)

There are lots of mental and physical health benefits to being around plants. They reduce stress and improve productivity. Here are some ideas for the types of plants you could display inside (and outside) your home. 


Nothing says “home cooking” like a row of fresh herbs growing on the kitchen counter. Essential herbs for most dishes are basil, cilantro, oregano, thyme, and mint.

Choose a huge plant to sit in the corner of your living room or by your fireplace. Cheese plants and money trees grow big and fast but do not need a lot of upkeep. 

Spider plants look great in bathrooms and on the top of kitchen cabinets and are also easy to care for.


A simple hanging basket outside your front door can make your home seem more inviting in an instant. Geraniums and fuchsias are ideal flowers for hanging baskets.

Planting shrubs with an attractive scent will allow you to associate something which smells nice with arriving home. Planting lavender bushes smell great and bees love them, too.

5. Switching Up the Little Details

Moving home can be so expensive. After paying broker fees, movers, and a new mortgage there can be little leftover for new furniture and redecorating.

But you can still switch up the little details to inject your personality into your new home on a budget.

Change the hardware on kitchen cabinets and dressers. Swap curtain rails and even door handles to ones in keeping with your style.

Can’t afford a new bed? Pick a new headboard and it will look brand new.

Is a new dining table set out of the question? Paint your chairs in alternating colors for a fresh, vibrant look. 

Even rearranging your book collection by color can create a beautiful aesthetic. Only your imagination limits the improvements you can make to your home.

Use These Tips for Making Your House a Home

Whether you are moving into a condo or a fixer-upper, making your house a home is crucial to settling in. Even making small changes that align with your taste and style can go a long way.

Before you know it, you and your family will be living in a relaxing, cozy home that you will never want to leave.

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Alaya Cochran
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