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 You may have heard of us? mmadigital? Yeah, that’s right.  The full service digital agency, based in Manchester.  You may have seen us too.  Presenting an award, filming that conference you were at recently or advertising in your local magazine.  Well, we do get around a bit.  You see, mmadigital have really grown in the past few years and we wanted to tell you more about our story.

Starting off as MyMarketing Aid we essentially wanted to be all things to all people.  Providing a bit of SEO copy here and a website there.  But, before we knew it we were being asked to overhaul the digital aspects of the whole business, helping businesses get leads, creating Pay-Per-Click campaigns and becoming extremely results-focused.

This was no bad thing, we can assure you.  And, very soon we had built up a fantastic client base.  Many of our clients were legal and personal injury firms who looked to us to know how best to get them more leads.  Especially as their market was changing quite dramatically.

Before we knew it, MyMarketing Aid needed to change and expand and became mmadigital.  It was key that we rebranded you see.  We wanted to showcase the amazing skills our business has and to become a more visible.  As we expanded we realised that we needed to recruit people with different expertise to help us with our services.  This included a legal expert.

We know have a team of over 15 industry experts at mmadigital and are always on a lookout for new experts to join our team.  Our work is so varied and we like to provide our clients with the best.  Which is why we pick only the best to work in our mmadigital team.

We have worked on a huge variety of projects for companies such as Mitchell Charlesworth, Pro Manchester, Clifford Johnston Solicitors, Paul Rooney Solicitors, Lilly and Sid and even the rugby team, Sale Sharks.  We have produced websites, videos, social media accounts, SEO content, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and mobile responsive sites.  When it comes to digital the mmadigital team have it covered.

We will happily come to see you to discuss where you feel you are falling short.  We can work out an action plan for you and put together a digital campaign that will have web traffic flooding through your site.  Why not see for yourself?

Terry Summers is a writer for mmadigital

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