Finding Good Bracelets To Sell In Your Store




Bracelets are something that every store should sell. Everyone likes to wear them, but sometimes peoples wrists will be to big. Eight inch bracelets are a great investment, and anyone can wear them.




When you are looking for bracelets to sell in your store think about what people like to wear. Bracelets that can easily slip over your wrist are one of the items that you should think about getting. These types of bracelets should be located on the counter because they usually are a last minute impulse buy for the customers. Make sure that you buy them in all different sizes up to eight inches so that they will fit all customer’s wrists.




Another type of bracelet to invest in for your company would be charm bracelets. These bracelets are great to have because not only will the customers have to purchase the bracelet, but the charms as well. Make sure to separate the sizes of bracelets so that they are easy to find. You could even put the bigger bracelets in the plus sized clothing section so that the customers know that they could get cool looking ones as well.




When you are looking for bracelets just think of styles that you think would sell good. You could also go to other stores to see what styles they are selling. This is a good way to see what prices the competition is selling them for as well. When you are looking for bracelets you will want to find ones that you can buy cheap and sell for a bigger profit.




When you are buying bigger sized bracelets you will want to pick ones that will not dig into the customers skin. Sometimes stretch bracelets will dig into the skin the a persons wrist is to small. Eight inches should be big enough for all wrists, but try to stay away from bracelets that still look to small.




If you own a store where all the jewelry is in one spot make sure that you separate the bigger sized bracelets. This is a good way to show that you care about all the customers and want to help them the best that you can. When you separate the jewelry make sure to write that they are bigger then the other types as well. This will help customers find what they are looking for faster.




When customers are looking for jewelry they will look at the item fast. When they skim over the items they will usually go for the ones that are most colorful first. Make sure to put these bracelets on the top of the display so that customers can easily grab them and be on their way. You will be surprised as to how many bracelets you will sell that are in bigger sizes. Customers will walk out of your store feeling great knowing that you took the time to think of everyone. In the end you will be able to make a profit and cater to every customer.


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