Why Minivans Are Parents’ New Vehicle of Choice


Not since the late 90s and early 2000s has the minivan market been one to garner interest, but with the SUV craze running its course, the minivan is back and better than ever. In fact, one might even question why the minivan went out of style in the first place. For parents who are looking for a new vehicle to tote their family around in, here are three reasons to consider a minivan.


Nobody argues that a minivan is the best car for singles. In fact, it’s likely too big, not fuel efficient enough and too family-esque for single people. However, for those who have decided adulting is a priority, and especially if you have children, the minivan is right for you. Why? Because, unlike crossover vehicles, minivans don’t try to be what they’re not. Nobody takes a crossover vehicle off-road, and without the dual sliding doors, they don’t have the simplicity of entry/exit as a minivan, which is especially true for those with children. While adulting might not always be cool, functionality is — especially for families. Minivans don’t only have more room than crossovers, but typically come with a reduced insurance rate and maintenance rates from dealerships and independent mechanics.


Most people don’t think luxury when they think minivans, but some companies have put in the work and changed the perception of minivans forever. With its rich interior details, the Chrysler Pacifica offers an upscale feel. And its Uconnect multimedia entertainment system comes complete with stereo and backseat screens for movies, shows and more. The easy Stow N’ Go seats make the Pacifica great for hauling more than the family as well, and the back row of seats even has an electronic stow system for simplicity. What’s more, the Pacifica has an optional hybrid model, which means you could qualify for state or federal incentives (up to $7,500) when you purchase one, as well as emissions exception depending on the state you live in.

Features Parents Appreciate

Minivans have features that promote safe driving habits. Distance between you and your little ones while you’re behind the wheel can limit distractions as well as protect your ears. Minivans also provide healthy space between driver and riders alike, so on long drives everyone can be comfortable, set their own heat/AC and not make the drive feel longer than it is. An abundance of cup-holders might have been overlooked as a desirable feature when you were single, but now cupholders can be the difference between spilled grape juice causing you to swerve off the road and an accident-free car ride to soccer practice. If a spill still occurs, it’s a good idea to have some wipes on hand to clean the upholstery.

Does being the captain of a seven-seat people mover take some of the cool factors out of your life? It might, but as a parent, coolness shouldn’t be your main concern, and a minivan can actually take that pressure off. While crossovers can fulfill the same functions of a minivan, there is no doubt that minivans are both more economical and family friendly. With new and sleek minivans already on the market, you’ll surely find a vehicle that has the features you want and the functionality you need.

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