Milkmakers Lactation Cookies and Teas Support Breastfeeding Moms…Naturally!


It’s no secret that breastfeeding has benefits for both mom and baby.  But while more and more moms start our nursing their newborns, more than 30% stop before six months and nearly 50% abandon breastfeeding completely before one year.  Nearly half of them stop because of insufficient milk supply.  Thankfully, there are some great products out there, like the Motherhood Teas from Black Leaves, that can help mom to keep up her milk supply – and taste great too!  


Milkmakers Lactation Cookies and Lactation Teas offer mom delicious lactation support that are a sweet solution for her busy, breastfeeding life.   And let’s face it, it is a busy life with a newborn!  On top of that, breastfeeding can be challenging for some.  But Milkmakers supports breastfeeding moms with delicious, nourishing, whole food treats and teas that make life easier for mom at a very important time in her life and her baby’s life.



Milkmakers Lactation Cookies contain natural key ingredients that help boost breast milk supply.  Oats, brewer’s yeast, and flax seed – traditional remedies used to support breastfeeding moms – are baked into every cookie along with a custom blend of vitamins and minerals that will help moms replenish, revitalize, and rebalance.  Milkmakers lactation cookies are sold by the bag as well as in grab-and-go bakery boxes and are available in three delicious flavors, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Lemon Zest.  The Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin are also available in a traditional baking mix as well as a gluten-free baking mix.  


And what would be the perfect complement to delicious and beneficial cookies?  Tea!   Milkmakers recently introduced Lactation Teas, and they are different than other lactation teas on the market for a few reasons.  First, you only need one to two cups to achieve results – other lactation teas recommend as many as eight cups a day to see results!  And in addition, Milkmakers Lactation Tea is made with a potent, organic tea blend that’s free of fenugreek, a common ingredient in other lactation teas that has an unpleasant taste and can produce unwanted side effect.  Delicious and soothing, Milkmakers Lactation Tea is available in two flavors, coconut and original.


Milkmakers was founded by CEO Emily Kane, who actually created Milkmakers Lactation Cookies because she needed them herself.  After the birth of her first daughter, Emily returned to work and found herself in a new situation — trying to manage work life, home life, and fitting in the time to pump during an already busy day.  As her milk supply started to go down, she worried that she wouldn’t be able to provide enough milk for her baby.  She tried every remedy available. Finally, a lactation consultant told her about lactation cookies. It seemed too good to be true – she could eat delicious cookies and increase her milk supply. To her surprise, she saw an immediate boost in her milk production!  A skilled baker, Emily experimented with lactation cookie recipes until she developed a recipe that was absolutely delicious and then started Milkmakers because she realized the powerful support that lactation cookies could provide for breastfeeding moms. The first line of Milkmakers lactation cookies became an instant success online and within a few years, was on the shelves in mommy boutiques, hospitals, and birthing centers across the US.  Today Milkmakers products are available nationwide at major retail stores including Babies “R” Us, Buy Buy Baby, Whole Foods, Central Market, Wegmans, and Sprouts.


It’s a great idea to add Milkmakers Lactation Tea and Cookies to gift registries, give them as a shower gift, bring in a “welcome home from the hospital” basket or recommend to new moms heading back to work.  After all, what could be better for a new mom than a sweet treat that is actually beneficial for her and baby – delicious Milkmakers Lactation Cookie with a great-tasting cup of Milkmakers Lactation Tea! 

You can learn more about Milkmakers at and also join the Milkmakers social circle through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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