Creating fresh and inviting content can be a daunting task, especially for the unprepared. There is a lot of pressure for content creators to produce quality work with amazing sound. A content creator needs to understand which are the right machines and tools to incorporate in their work station. This is often true for video as it is for audio. Besides the PC, the microphone has become an essential tool not for just content creation but also in our everyday lives. Whether you’re using it to pick your regular phone calls or conducting a video conference for work, it goes without saying that these devices have become a necessity for most people. 

Using the right microphone for a job is vital for any work. This can be quite confusing as the market of electronics is huge. Determining the intended use of the microphone is of great help to know the exact kind that you require. If your work involves moving around a lot, then you need something small and flexible such as a lapel microphone that can be clipped on your shirt. If your workstation is stationary, you can settle for something more dynamic with a polar pattern that can block excess noise. Whether your preference lies towards Windows or Apple equipment, Teko Broadcast is a great resource for all the fundamentals of any content creator’s work station. Below are some basic elements of a good microphone that one needs to take into consideration before purchasing a microphone;




To handle the wide range of applications that are encountered in a particular project or during on-location recording, microphones differ in their overall physical, electrical and sonic characteristics. It’s important to decide which type of directional pattern best fits your needs. It’s always better to use a less directional mic close to the source of sound than away using a hypercardioid.




A mic works by converting the sound waves into an electrical signal. Unless the mic is well protected, the diaphragm has no way of distinguishing between a desirable sound wave and any other vibrations. Any sort of vibration will become part of the generated audio signal which can be detrimental to the final outfit. If your microphone is likely to be subjected to any sort of noise, you will need a microphone that will help prevent the noise from being picked up. Quality hand-held mics are often recommended as the diaphragm can isolate noise from the vibrations using the foam padding.




Most microphones produce fairly low output levels. This means that a microphone would require a preamp that amplifies its low-level output to line level. To record a project digitally into your PC, you are going to need an interface that can connect the microphone with. Most classic microphones come with XLR connections so be careful to make sure it has one if you intend to make your recording in your computer.




A microphone converts sound into an electrical signal that can be amplified, recorded, or transmitted. Frequency response, therefore, defines the range of sound that a microphone can reproduce. The frequency response is the most significant factor in determining the sound signature of a microphone. While in the market for a good microphone, make sure the frequency response is appropriate for the intended use




Many everyday devices need electricity to function. Microphones, similarly, need a power source to transfer electrical audio signals. Some microphones require a direct power source connection to function and are referred to as active mics while those that necessarily don’t, are passive mics. The choice between the two is entirely dependent on the user’s budget, nevertheless, always carry a spare set of batteries or power source in case you run out of juice.

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