Making the best of your commercial outdoor area by adding festoon lighting


If you’re a restaurant or pub owner with an outdoor space for people to hang out, then you’ll be pleased about the valuable opportunity you have to increase your profit and turnover by sprucing up this area to create an inviting atmosphere. With the arrival of Summer, residents, and party-goers love to socialize in the outdoors during warm evenings to enjoy a bite to eat or have a few drinks. You want to do as much as possible to attract customers to your place, and there are noteworthy advantages linked to providing just the right setting and outside décor to reach this goal.

Adding LED festoon lighting

You need to prepare your outside area and have it in tiptop working condition during busy times to use this area to its full potential. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. By adding a few cosmetic adjustments, you can provide customers with a comfortable and inviting space. Lighting is a vital consideration when you’re updating your outside décor, and you have a range of different LED lighting options at your disposal when choosing outdoor lights. When you buy festoon lights, you can create either a colorful and festive look or a more toned-down classy look, as the bulbs are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are exceedingly versatile and can be used on your restaurant terrace, shop front, outdoor pub area or garden area.

Weatherproof and durable

These lights are manufactured to be completely weatherproof and durable. The fittings which are generally bayonet are insulated as well, and all the cabling is double insulated. The cable is usually long enough and can be used a few meters away from the power outlet. The greatest benefit of LED festoon lights is that they are long-lasting and can withstand harsher weather elements. You can hang them outside, and as long as they have an electricity source, they can be used year after year.

Safest option

Traditional lighting is no comparison to LED lighting. Bulbs that rely on gas or filaments to work can get scalding hot whereas this is not the case with LED festoon lights. You won’t be at risk of burning yourself when you’re changing out the bulbs, and you won’t have the added fire risk associated with bulbs that are combustible.

Save some money in your pocket

When you’re adding lighting to your illumination setup, it means your utility bill will be higher. It may not seem like a such a significant expense, but if you think about hundreds or even thousands of outdoor lights that feed into the electrical grid, every bit count. LED lights are energy efficient and use significantly less power than your traditional lights. Even if you decide to go a bit overboard with your decorating, you won’t have to worry about paying too much.


Festoon lighting has become hugely popular over the years. They can be used in many ways and are available in a vast selection of styles and colors. They are an excellent choice for either indoor and outdoor use and can make a massive impact on the ambiance of any space.

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