How to Make Family Cooking Easy and Exciting Again


When you are trying to juggle work and family life, sometimes regular activities like cooking for the whole family can become a bit daunting. Even those of us passionate about food can become a bit overwhelmed when it turns into a daily chore – and it is even worse for those who were never really excited by cooking in the first place. If you find yourself in that position, try these tips and tricks to make cooking a hearty family meal sound like fun again.

Get a Meal Prep Delivery Service

More often than not, deciding what to cook, actually shopping for the ingredients and then prepping them takes up the biggest chunk of your time – and, let’s face it, it is the most boring part of the process for most people. So why not outsource all that to an expert and give yourself the fun task at hand: actually cooking the meal. There are many companies out there that are vying to offer the best meal delivery service, which aims to take away all that stress by delivering food that is freshly prepped and ready to cook. Most services require you to sign up for a meal delivery plan, taking into account how many days a week you would like to benefit from the service, how many people your household consists of, your budget, and of course any dietary requirements like vegetarian meals or specific allergies.

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Most companies also advertise great discount and offers for new customers, which is a great way to test out different providers before settling on the one that suits you the most. A meal kit will then be delivered straight to your door, with step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow. Most of the meals will take no more than 30 minutes to cook, as all the prepping and weighing will already be done by the service provider. Besides the obvious advantage of drastically reducing the time you have to spend in the kitchen – which could be better enjoyed doing activities together as a family – getting a meal delivery service also has other advantages. As every meal kit only includes the exact ingredients you will need, it helps you reduce food waste as you will never end up with unused extras. It also helps you budget better while it makes following a healthier or plant-based lifestyle much easier.

Reignite Your Love for Cooking

Food is an integral part of our daily lives and cooking for someone else can become the most caring and fulfilling act. If you love to cook but you seem to have lost your way a bit in the kitchen, then take some time to revisit your passion for it. This could work in different ways for different people. Take a look around you: do you have the right kitchen tools to make cooking easy as a breeze? Baking could be fun again if you cut back on weighing every little ingredient meticulously and get some measuring spoons and cups instead to do it in seconds. Making your own pizza, cakes, pies, or even bread could become easier than you think if you invested in an affordable stand mixer with a whisk and a hook, as well as some springform tins.

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The list is endless: identify what is missing from your kitchen and what would make cooking much more appealing to you and spoil yourself a bit. Or, if you believe that what you are lacking is that enthusiasm when you first started to cook, then take some time to invest in an experience that will make you fall in love with cooking all over again. There are loads of cooking seminars aimed at amateur cooks where you can learn new techniques to enrich your repertoire and make family cooking exciting. If you prefer doing it at your own pace, there are countless recipe blogs you could follow or even sign up for video tutorials to learn from famous chefs.

Get the Kids Involved

Last but not least, remember that everything is more fun when you get the little ones involved. Although it is a bit unrealistic to expect your kids to help out with cooking every day, it can become a regular family activity on your days off, when your children and you can bond over making scrambled eggs or a mouth-watering cheesecake. Sharing your love for food can inspire them and create fond memories, while it can also do wonders in helping you get back in touch with your passion. You could even get the extended family involved or make it an activity that generations of your family share, by discovering and revisiting old family recipes. Perhaps you could put your own spin on your grandma’s famous blueberry pie?

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Taking care of feeding your family is one of the most essential and fundamental tasks for any parent and, with a few tweaks, it can become one of the most creative and rewarding daily experiences.

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