Making Lasting Memories Each Holiday Season


With every passing year the holiday season seems to grow in the stores, yet doesn’t the time available to enjoy it appear to shrink? In the frenetic pace of today’s world, it’s even more important to slow down and truly enjoy the opportunities this festive time of year brings. Make each yuletide period special by creating memories for your family that will keep the spirits bright long after the lights have been taken down – and have everyone looking forward to next season.

Create Tradition

The key to feelings of family Christmases being remembered from year to year (and even as kids grow older) is to turn activities into an annually recurring tradition. It doesn’t have to be something that was common in your household as a child. In fact, it should be encouraged to find and create new routines that develop excitement to this time of year. The more that you explore, the better the chances of finding that activity that everyone can’t wait to do when the weather starts to grow colder. Below is just a sampling of the possibilities that can not only bring joy for this holiday season but may turn into your family’s lasting tradition.

Baby It’s (Not That) Cold Outside

Don’t let the temperature outside or the early arrival of darkness force you into months of cabin fever. No matter where you live, opportunities abound to get out of the house and experience everything the holidays have to offer. One of the most breathtaking is to find a local presentation of lights, which may be walkable or a drive-through variety. If your town has one, going to the Christmas parade can be a great way to feel the energy of the season. Go shopping – without a list – preferably at an outdoor village or vintage market that avoids the stress of a crowded mall. If you live in an area that sees its fair share of snow, then build your own snowman and get each family member to contribute an accessory to “bring him to life.”

Bring It Indoors

Sometimes the wintry bitterness is just too much, and the warmth of the fireplace is where you need to be. Don’t let being inside the four walls be a detriment, since there are plenty of things to do indoors as well. Bring out the creative side of your children with a craft project. If you’re a saver, take last year’s Christmas cards and cut them out to make decorations or gift tags for this year. Have kids help with the holiday baking (not just decorating) by showing them the recipe and involving them in the entire process. Finally, and especially if you have a large group or are entertaining guests, playing a holiday-themed game will spread laughter and joy throughout your home.

Decorate as a Family

Another way to generate festive feelings is by decorating your Christmas tree together. This can be done as early in the season as you’d like with an artificial tree from companies such as Balsam Hill. Bring everyone together and hang ornaments and trim the tree while watching your favorite seasonal movie. Get creative and have each person design their own ornament and add it to the tree. If you’d like to keep the family room tree free of clutter, one option is to have a second smaller tree somewhere for the kids to decorate however they see fit. No matter how you choose to do it, the Balsam Hill reviews show that with these trees looking more and more lifelike without the worry of keeping a live tree, there’s no reason to postpone creating festive warmth in your home.      

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11 months ago

It’s even better to try something new for yourself, such as bubble tea. This is incredibly delicious and the child will remember for a long time 🙂