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Little Black Dress Wines is absolutely great tasting.  The fresh, crisp taste of this wine is divine.  We tried a bottle of White Wine first, then the Red Wine.  My friend, Edna, and I loved the taste.  I will definitely be doing business with Little Black Dress Wine again.  Edna smelled it first and said the smell was “grand”.  “Smelled like a great wine”, then we tasted it, and it was so fruity.  I have never tasted anything like the Chardonnay before. 


Little Black Dress Wines are made in California, and is 100% Pure. This is really as delicious as I say, I’ve never been so happy about a wine before.  My husband picks on me and says I can get drunk off the cap, but this wine was delightful.

Get into a Little Black Dress Chardonnay, accessorized with crisp fruit-forward flavors, hints of vanilla and oak, and a medium body to die for.

We took our name from the iconic little black dress that shares our sense of style: simply timeless, playfully elegant, and ready for anything at a moments notice.  Little Black Dress makes friends easily and manages to turn a few heads along the way. It’s your go-to wine for any occasion that calls for good taste.


Get into a Little Black Dress Pinot Noir, accessorized with aromas of cherry and clove and soft floral notes, with a seductive finish of strawberry jam and pomegranate.

Take a look at all the varieties of wines over at Little Black Dress Wines at the link below.

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