Learn about Exquisite Fancy Colored Diamonds and their Otherworldly Charm


Diamonds have always been popular in the jewellery market due to their elegance, charm and dazzle. Even in modern times, there are very few gemstones that are as beautiful and exquisite as diamonds. With their sharp and blinding white hue diamonds are a sensation among gemstone enthusiasts. As precious and elegant as the white-coloured diamonds are, there is another realm of diamonds that is full of colours. Ever heard of fancy-coloured diamonds? If you don’t, you are clearly missing out. This article will take you to the world of fancy-coloured diamonds where you can learn about their exquisite beauty and value.

What are Fancy Coloured Diamonds?

Fancy-coloured diamonds are a bit different from the dazzling white diamonds. In contrast to clear or white diamonds, fancy-coloured diamonds have natural colours or hues that provide them with a captivating charm. The creation of these natural hues of colours within these diamonds is a natural process. It is basically due to pressure or heat during the creation process that contributes to the extremely beautiful colours of these diamonds. These types of diamonds are extremely rare as there is only a small percentage of diamonds that change colour during the creation process. The most popular types of fancy-coloured diamonds include red, blue, yellow, pink and green. Even though the colours are basic and common, it is the rarity of these diamonds that contributes to their enhanced value in the market.

Factors that Affect their Value and Charm

  • Intensity of Colour

The first thing that has a huge effect on the appearance and the value of the fancy-coloured diamonds is the intensity of the colour. If the intensity of the colour increases the diamond appears as more vivid and vibrant. This increases the value of the diamond significantly. In short, the scale of grading fancy-coloured diamonds ranges from faint colour to vivid colour where vivid denotes the enhancement of quality. 

  • Clarity

You might have an idea about how clarity plays a significant role in enhancing the value of white or transparent diamonds. In the case of fancy-coloured diamonds as well, clarity contributes to the value even though less critically. Coloured diamonds with higher clarity and fewer imperfections definitely have greater value in the market. 

  • Carat Weight

Carat weight is as important in fancy-coloured diamonds as it is in white or colourless diamonds. A larger diamond with a deeper hue will be extremely valuable, more than smaller-sized ones. Additionally, if it also has great clarity its value can surpass the value of white diamonds. 

  • Market Trend

Market trends also pose great importance in the context of increasing or decreasing the value of fancy-coloured diamonds. Colours and hues that have become trendy in the current market and are in the collection of famous collectors or celebrities will definitely become more popular than other colours. This will significantly increase the value of those coloured diamonds. Any other colours that are less popular would not be that valuable regardless of their rarity and uniqueness.

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patek philippe
17 days ago

Discover the mesmerizing allure of exquisite fancy colored diamonds, each possessing a captivating otherworldly charm. These rare gems, with their vibrant hues ranging from vivid blues to intense pinks, evoke a sense of wonder and fascination. Their uniqueness and rarity make them highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Just as a Patek Philippe timepiece exudes elegance and sophistication, these colored diamonds symbolize timeless beauty and luxury, making them prized possessions in the world of haute joaillerie.