Is Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand leading the way for body positivity?


It’s a fascinating world, and sometimes, all an item of clothing needs is the right person behind it to create a monumental shift in perceptions, price tags, and even pre-conceived notions about it to achieve global success and acclaim. 

There was a time when you’d scoff at the idea of shapewear being mentioned in chic fashion circles and trending across the world on social media channels. But considering how convenient and comforting these garments are, it’s about time they’ve gotten their moment in the limelight! 

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, setting these kinds of trends and revolutionizing businesses is nothing new. In fact, she’s been making business waves since 2009, whether the world has been paying attention or not. 

But despite huge achievements over the last few decades across the world, why has SKIMS, her clothing, and shapewear brand, been so impactful over the last few years? Why have many called this her ultimate business empire that’s destined to redefine beauty standards and provide a more inclusive style of fashion and self-love? 

Let’s look at a few of the reasons why SKIMS has set the standard for loving your body, embracing the comfort and curvature of quality shapewear, and how this new wave of body positivity is here to stay!

Leading by example

SKIMS – the Kim Kardashian clothes line in question – has encapsulated the unapologetic shunning of predetermined body standards to show millions of avid online followers that loving your body should come before anything else in life.

Like Kim herself, many of us experience changes in our weight and bodies, whether that’s through pregnancy, exercise, or simply life happening to us all. But through all of this, her dedication to empowering others and their bodies has shone through with her clothing brand. 

Perhaps it’s for this reason that so many people, whether fans of Kim or not, found themselves gravitating towards her combination of business savvy and inclusive attitude to women’s garments. 

Made for comfort and beauty – whatever that means for you

The variations in styles and garments to suit all body types have meant that comfort can now sit alongside beauty, whatever that word may mean to you. With such huge sales, it’s a testament to the body-positive movement that so many beautiful curvaceous women are turning to shapewear to add a little more definition to their already stunning bodies. 

Unlike shapewear from centuries ago, which served to restrict women’s stomachs and even their breathing at times, this new wave of fashion-friendly wear has used breathable fabrics to help accentuate your curves, or add a little more definition to your shape, instead of hiding it all from the world! 

A new generation of clothing that’s chic, snug, and inclusive 

From gala gowns and hot date nights to gym sessions and loungewear from the house, there are no more rules for how you can choose to live your life and how to dress. By transferring that unapologetic attitude and business-minded spirit to this range of garments, Kim Kardashian has set the stage for women around the world to never again feel like they need to change who they are.

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