Importance of Higher Education in 2019


The importance of higher education cannot be overemphasized. The decision not to pursue higher education can lead to restricted growth and also a limitation in life’s opportunities. On the other hand, getting a higher education brings at least the following benefits:

  • Personal Development
  • Civic Involvement
  • Health
  • True Passion

As you can see, the benefits that come from pursuing higher education in 2019 are numerous and you cannot afford to miss them after completing high school. Let’s now proceed in explaining each of these benefits in details.

Personal development

Personal development can be fascinating and people who seek higher education can attain it. The following benefits can prove to be major enhancements to your life:

  • Better Communication

Apart from training you in your chosen career part, higher education expands your knowledge and trains you to think critically. It greatly improves your social skills and also enhances your ability to clearly communicate or express your thoughts verbally and in writing. Today, many organizations are looking to hire intellectual individuals who understand the world and their community that can represent them as public relation officers. All of these are possible if you receive higher education.

  • Identification of skills

In the job market today, there is an increased demand for technology experts, healthcare workers, architects, designers, artists, app and video game developers, and many more. With higher education, young people will be able to identify and expand their skills in these areas. While they grow and develop their skills further, this will provide them with a competitive edge in the job market.

Civic Involvement

People who obtain higher education are more likely to partake in their community and civic matters. It is worthy of note that a degree informs on more than just one’s major. In order words, higher education explores important and complex issues regarding politics, health, business, and the environment.

When you are educated to examine these vital issues, across several industries, you’ll learn to proffer solutions to today’s problems. Higher education equips graduates with these skills to be more active community members and smarter voters.

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People who obtain higher education have positive health benefits. For example, these ones tend to be happier when they consider how higher education improves their own life and how it helps them make a meaningful contribution to their community and to the world as a whole. Also, educated people also make healthier choices.

According to research, those with 4-year college degrees are less likely to smoke. Educated parents and their kids are also less prone to obesity. In addition, those with higher education live in good environments and have access to the best medical care. What is more, knowing that higher education gives provides better opportunities to reduce the stress that comes with economic hardships. The bottom line is, you do better when you know better.

True Passions

Pursuing our passion contribute to a healthy, well-lived life.  Today, some who have completed high school already know what they want to study at the university. For these ones, they have luckily found their true passions early in life, as university education is a necessary means to an end.

However, many other students are still sitting on the fence regarding their chosen field of study. Nevertheless, pursuing higher education affords these young people the opportunity to realize their passions as institutions allow freshmen to explore different options rather than commit to one major.

In summary, why is higher education important in 2019? Higher education is not only a tool to make money but a tool that can be used to transform our world. It helps us to communicate effectively, and think critically to identify and solve problems. More realistically, pursuing a higher education prepares young ones to meet challenges with grit and determination.

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Higher education is indeed very important and after that, you get a lot of options to go for. And you can easily choose what ever career path you want. But education is a very import basic thing. I highly recommend everyone to at least get the basic education so that it enables you to think about the careers.

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