How to Study for the SAT or ACT Test


Having strong study skills is crucial for success as a high school student, especially when they’re heading to college. However, many college bound students and their parents are not aware that studying for the SAT or ACT test is a little different that getting ready for your math or English mid-term. It is important to understand how these tests work, cover the right material, and to start early for maximum success. It is also very helpful to sign up for an online SAT or ACT test preparation course, like those offered by Winward Academy.

Start Early

One of the most important things to remember when learning how to study for the SAT or ACT test is that you should start as early as possible. The week before you sit for the test is not the time to decide to start getting ready. For the best results, several months of gradual preparation is in your best interest.

Do Your Homework Before Doing Your Homework

In order to study properly for the SAT or ACT exam, the first step is to understand exactly what these tests are and what to expect. Take a look at a practice test, talk to students who have taken the test before you, and read up on any recent changes or updates to the test. Once you have a better idea of what to expect on testing day, you will be ready to take a practice test to see how you fare. This will help you to create your study plan and be better prepared when searching for tutoring or online test preparation.

Assess Your Strengths and Work on Your Weaknesses

Your practice test will help you break down just what subject areas you need to focus on and which need a little bit less review. Be honest with yourself as you look over your scores and plan your test preparation accordingly. Winward Academy, through its SAT and ACT prep courses, will help you to assess your results and determine the best plan for your academic needs, helping you to raise your score significantly from your practice test results.

Cater to Your Own Study Style

Some students work best when they study in a single, large block while others are better served by working in smaller time increments. Studying for an important test like the SAT or ACT is not an exact science with the same experience for every student. Using the methods that are the most comfortable for you will help you get the scores that you want. As Winward Academy is online, you can work at a pace that makes sense for you and stick with a study style that feels right.

Practice (Testing) Makes Perfect

Periodically throughout your weeks and months of studying, take another practice test to assess your progress. You’ll then be able to see what is and isn’t working, whether it’s time to shift your study focus, or if you’re just about ready to take the test and perform the way you’d like. If you’ve been preparing on your own, practice tests can also help you assess whether you need to connect with an online test preparation course or some other means of tutoring.


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5 years ago

Your recently work was really good, and this is also amazing. I like it and I’ll share it with my friends soon. They also love these things….

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Hola Cheska
5 years ago

LOL great topic to discuss in the wake of recent college bribery events. I personally never studied for my college board and I did very well. It all depends of the student.

wander women abroad
5 years ago

Practice practice practice is what helped me the most during my test taking days. Great post for students to read up on and get some tips

Danielle Alvarado
5 years ago

Wonderful tips! I did an act prep course after school and it helped a ton. Of course, I ended up traveling the world and forging a path that act scores had nothing to do with but at least I scored a 28 haha

5 years ago

it is never too laty to study and to develop great hack to do it the best. your tips are awesome!

5 years ago

Ahh I remember the good old days of studying for the ACT. Wondering what could have happened if I studied more.

Jasmine Hewitt
5 years ago

these are awesome tips for those getting ready to take the SAT. great piece!

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