How To Prepare For Your First RV Camping Road Trip


Family RV road trips provide all attendees with unforgettable memories and experiences. Parents like yourself find comfort in RVs. They allow you to camp safely with children and secure your belongings while adventuring. They also allow for families to stay at campgrounds for longer periods of time because you can bring more belongings along. Unfortunately, many families do not fully enjoy the experience because they are not properly prepare. To ensure that you have the best experience, read on and learn how to prepare for your first RV road trip.

Book Campgrounds

To properly prepare, book your campgrounds ahead of time. Many families who fail to book campgrounds ahead of time struggle to secure a space when the time comes. As a result, they are forced to either pay more for a hotel room or drive through the night. Either way, your experiences diminish. When such families do find campgrounds with availability, the sites usually do not have the necessities they need. Refrain from losing out on precious family memories by making reservations months in advance. Look for sites that offer compatible RV hook ups and book them to prepare for your first RV road trip.

Learn How To Hook An RV Up

After you find a campsite with a compatible RV hook up station, you also need to learn how to use it. To begin, set up your RV in an appropriate spot and connect it to the electrical outlet. Then, attach the vehicle’s waste-out hose to the station’s sewage connector to empty your RV. To refill your clean water supply, hook up the vehicle’s clean drinking water hose to the faucet in the ground. Turn the spigot on to start the process. Since families typically have to empty their RVs every other day or so, this process is crucial. To fully prepare for your first RV road trip, check with the vehicle manual and renter to ensure that there are not any specific requirements when hooking up.

Grocery Shop

Another way to prepare for your first RV road trip is to use the kitchen to the best of your abilities. To do so, write up a grocery list and shop beforehand. You should have enough space for your road trip accessories and essentials. Stock up on non-perishable items for both adults and kids. They make for great snacks while on the road. If you are looking for healthier options, load up on fruits and vegetables to store in the camper’s refrigerator. To save money, purchase food for grilling at campsites such as burgers, hot dogs, and vegetables. Get the full camping experience by grocery shopping before embarking on your first RV road trip.

Check The RV’s Tires

To guarantee safety for your family, check the RV’s tires during the preparation process. On top of relying on them while driving, you will also be relying on the tires at night if you choose to sleep inside the RV. Keep your family safe by checking each tire’s air pressure. If they need to be filled, look in the manual for the recommended PSI. Additionally, examine each tire’s tread wear and determine if there is any cracking. If you have a Good Sam RV Extended Warranty plan, these checks are covered in a free RV inspection to keep your vehicle safe. Once you have a vehicle with acceptable tires, you are more prepared to have a safe and smooth RV trip.

Use An RV-Specific Route Planner

Additionally, fully prepare for your trip by using an RV-specific route planner. Phone GPSs or route planning software to help you plan your route have become increasingly popular and many families utilize them on road trips. While they offer directions to nearby restaurants and gas stations, they do not provide significant information for RV drivers. Such information includes overhead clearance restrictions and RV-prohibited roads, bridges, and tunnels. Fortunately, an RV-specific route planner can navigate you in the fastest way possible for your specific vehicle. Invest in this type of planner before taking off on your RV road trip adventure.

You can enjoy a great family RV road trip if you learn how to prepare for it properly. For instance, understand how crucial it is to book your campgrounds ahead of time. Learn how to hook up an RV before embarking on your journey. Go grocery shopping as a family beforehand to save money and time during the trip. Check the air and tread on each tire. Additionally, choose an RV-specific route planner over a normal GPS to find the best route for your large vehicle. Now, you know how to prepare for your first RV road trip.

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5 years ago

Great tips on this! I agree that you have to check the tires of the vehicle. This also goes with those who go on camping trips using pickups trucks with trailers. Better to check the RV or truck parts to ensure the safety of the whole family.