How to make a Grocery Delivery app with Builder Studio Store


At a time when stepping out of the house even for household essentials is a huge risk, grocery delivery apps have been veritable lifesavers. In the past 2 months, grocery delivery apps have seen record downloads. Walmart Grocery, for example, saw a 460% growth in average daily downloads in April compared to its January 2020 performance. 

While more and more large businesses race to transform digitally and grab a slice of this enticing market, most small and medium businesses (SMBs) fear that they won’t be able to cope. Unlike the goliaths in grocery business, SMBs don’t have the time, energy or money to create a grocery delivery app using one of the two traditional methods – SaaS or agencies. The first option, SaaS, can be on-demand and affordable, but is sadly also constrained and slow. While the second option, software development agencies, can offer more flexibility and customisation to businesses, but are notorious for being risky and expensive. 

There is a third option in the market., a leading no-code software development platform that lets people build software without ever needing to understand technology, recently launched The Studio Store, a new range of pre-packaged apps – beginning with e-commerce and grocery delivery – designed to bring businesses online faster and at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch.  Because COVID-19 has impacted grocery businesses drastically, announced that they are not only offering to build grocery delivery apps for affected businesses at a fraction of the price, but also providing the first three months of live service for free. The first set of apps will serve the specific needs of businesses across e-commerce and delivery – such as flower shops, grocery stores and clothiers – and can be delivered to a customer in less than eight weeks. The Studio Store apps are currently offered to English-speaking customers across the world. Studio Store is priced at $500 per month and does not take any cut of sales or transaction fees (so you’ll only pay those charged directly by a payment gateway). requires a one-month deposit at the beginning of the engagement. Unlike other SaaS providers, the customer gets a copy of the code after 24 months.

The e-commerce apps offered by makes selling to an ever-mobile customer effortless, and retailers can showcase their goods with a scrollable carousel and offer a wide range of secure payment methods. The app includes features that will handle the soup to nuts of most e-commerce experiences, the aftercare to keep the app working and the cloud needed to run the app and scale the business. The delivery app makes online distribution smooth and simple with features including payment integration, in-app notifications and FedEx integration. The Studio Store can also serve as a stepping-stone as customers can add features from Builder Studio to make their app more customized over time.  

You can also create a grocery delivery app for your business. If the pandemic has caused a surge in demand for any other segment of business (other than grocery delivery) then it is food delivery. Food delivery and grocery delivery apps have risen to the occasion separately and fought to help maximum people while clocking a big margin. But, what if you could provide food and grocery delivery in one app? This is called the multi-niche approach and it is on the rise. 

Most countries have extended their lockdown period to control the transmission rate of coronavirus. And at this time where people bank on grocery delivery apps to help them survive, there was never a more noble time to venture into delivery services. 

Your grocery delivery app can be convenient and reliable, if the platform is developed right. Building a multi-niche grocery delivery app does not have to be expensive or time consuming. And it gives users a one-stop destination for both food and grocery delivery, ensures that the same delivery professionals deliver both sets of products thereby cutting down on people’s exposure to external elements, and saves customers delivery charges on separate delivery by combining the two. 

So, if you are looking to build a grocery delivery app, then goes highly recommended at this time, especially because of their low cost and fast timeline combined with high efficiency and quality of software delivered.

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