How To Make A Career In Video Editing: A Beginner’s Guide


Video marketing takes a brand towards its customers better than other methods of advertisement. Here are some important statistics regarding the video marketing industry.

People are spending 60 minutes every day watching videos. Eight billion videos are watched every day, only on Facebook.  One million hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every day.  48% of people watch the advertisement of a product before purchasing the product. 85% of marketers say that their profit increased many folds after implementing video marketing. 

So what does this statistic tell us? 

There is a huge demand for videos in all types of industries. Video marketing has become an important part of the marketing industry. Video editor requirement increases gradually at a rate of 17% than most other professions. There is a huge demand for video creators and editors on the internet, film, television,  and app development industries. 

The average income of a video editor starts from $ 55,000 – $150,000 per year in the USA.  You may be interested in becoming a video editor by now. We are here to provide the basic requirements to become a video editor.

Video editing has become a fascinating industry due to the rapid growth of the internet and multimedia marketing industries. With little effort and more interest, you can carve your path in the video making industry.  

Freelance video editor jobs are flooding the job portals and so are the video editors. You can be a successful video editor in the market by following some essential steps.


  • Define The Space:


Video editing requires basic interest and keen focus. If video editing is your dream job and you are determined to start the career, then you must get prepared to face all sides of the industry. If video editing is not new to you, then you can highlight your skills in the field and apply for jobs.  If you are new to the industry, then you must develop some knowledge, learn some tools, practice more, and connect with the seniors in the industry. Traditional employment is different from freelance video editing jobs. Only with proper preparation, you can make this transition painless and stress-free. 

Make everyone aware that you are open to accepting jobs in the video editing industry. Start with your friends and relatives. Your first dream job may be from a small sector of your town. Be ready to accept small jobs, as well. You can get a lot of experience in these jobs.


  • Find The Tools:


Video editing requires some solid space and tools to master it. Experts say that it is not easy to master all types of video making as new tools and features are launched regularly in almost all editing software. Get the guidance of senior editors in this field and choose one important tool. Mastering one tool will help you create more engaging videos than knowing more tools.  Being the invisible storytellers in a video, editors must bring in the real essence of the story with their skills. 

Buy the necessary software, advanced computer, and a high-resolution camera for better coverage.  Get the basics of big editing tools like Avid, Premiere, and FCPX. But focus on only one tool, like Avid, which most editors prefer. Becoming an expert in using these tools can be achieved only by practising and increasing work opportunities.


  • Train Yourself


What you need the most are projects and editing experience for getting a decent salary. Editing experience can be gained by editing your projects, neighbours’ projects, and friends’ projects. Be ready to work on any type of project, either paid or free, to gain experience. You can even start your role as a production assistant for commercials and be in touch with industry professionals. 

It helps to train more. Be ready to work for free after your paid work is over. This will help you to develop in-depth knowledge in video editing and maintain good relations with your clients.  Senior editors will require assistants to help them in their projects; accept those offers, and be a part of it. Apart from the editing skills, you will gain more knowledge about direction, photography, choreography, fashion technology, and many more. It will help you to build yourself strongly in the editing industry.


  • Practice more:


Editing wedding videos,  birthday videos, talent shows, low-profile music shows, small advertisements for your nearby restaurant will help you to master your skill. Never limit yourself to one type of industry. Healthcare marketing leads to the video marketing industry with loads of advertisements. Healthcare providers prefer videos to demonstrate the results of their products in a more convincing way to the customers. So some knowledge of healthcare will help you to create your masterpiece.

There are many types of video editing projects like online editing, offline editing, assemble editing, rough cut, initial assembly, and non-linear editing. It is advised that you learn these types and know their pros and cons. Most editors prefer non-linear editing and create wonderful videos with their talent.  But, something else might work better for you. Similarly, it is important to learn the techniques for basic project ideas.  Try to master Time Lapse video, Stop Motion video, Ghost effect, Animations, and promo videos techniques for increasing your chances of getting hired.


  • Connect More


Connecting with other editors is possible through social media. Create a unique blog to showcase your skills to others.  Make sure to add your videos and editing skills on the page along with your interests. This will help you gain more attention and bag clients. Try to connect with the people regularly and keep an eye on other social blogs. Social media can provide you with two important things: Professionals and latest trends. Since the Video editing industry is growing steadily, new tools are launched to move in pace with the industry.  

Final words:

Marketing through videos has a foreseeable future, with a growth rate of 17% every year. Since all the business organizations are looking to cash their products through marketing, the need for video editors is accelerating steadily. With the right equipment, software support, technical knowledge, and talent, you can be a part of this industry as a Freelance video editor or a full-time editor.

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