How To Lose Fat While Sleeping Based On My Own Experience


You lose weight by following a diet plan, running, jogging, exercising, and doing everything that can help you in fat loss. People have chosen a more sedentary lifestyle in times like pandemics, from unhealthy eating habits to sleeping patterns. There is a lot to fix. If you are still tangled with thoughts on how to lose fat, then here is your answer – sleep. People are so addicted to screens that they don’t have a proper time and schedule for eating, sleeping, and exercising. Here’s when the health problems knock-in, and one of the most common visitors like obesity problems are most likely to come. 

How Can People Lose Weight As They Sleep?

Sleep is a necessity, and it is just another essential thing like eating. Not following a proper sleep pattern can cause many problems. When the body’s natural circadian rhythms are disturbed, the human body tries to hold on to more fat due to this sleep interruption. According to some studies, having a healthy sleep pattern can help people lose weight. 

Best Way To Lose Fat While Enjoying Your Sleep

Today I will introduce you to some of the best ways to lose weight while you sleep. These methods have personally helped me to lose weight and I hope they may work for you as well.

Drink More Green Beverages 

Green beverages like green tea are loaded with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and epigallocatechin (EGC), caffeine, and amino acids. The caffeine content present in this tea helps relax nerve cell functions and improves memory. Theanine content, on the other hand, reduces stress which is the major cause of sleep deprivation. In a sharing by Kathy Shattler, a medical professor at HealthCanal, it is mentioned that green tea extracts help in boosting resting metabolic rate, which in turn increases heat production in the body, thereby increasing energy use. This helps in burning fat and is also good for good sleep.

Minimize Late Night Snacks

If you have the habit of staying up late at night, your tummy might start growling. A growling belly needs food, after which it relaxes. At late night your body is involved in the regeneration and detoxification process. The inactivity after taking in the high-calorie food may lead to weight gain. If this is among your habits, you need to fix it immediately. There should be some gap in between your last meal and sleep so that your body gets sufficient time to digest. For example, if you had dinner somewhere between 7 p.m and 9 p.m, you should try sleeping at 10 p.m. The time in the middle helps the body digest the food and prepare the body for the sleep process.

Eat “Small” Meals

Grabbing every bit of your meal in one go can be another reason you are gaining weight. Keep your body engaged in indigestion at different time sets with smaller meal portions. Small meal portions help in proper food digestion. Heavy meals close to sleeping time can keep you awake, disturbing your sleep. Problems like heartburn or gastric can increase your problem, so it’s better to keep your meals smaller in portions. The best will be a large breakfast, medium-sized lunch, and a small amount of dinner. This resource may give you a hint about what might help in losing weight and choosing the right dieting plan based on your conditions.

Sleep in “The Darkest Place”

Your body needs the release of melatonin which is essential for sound sleep. The dark places help to release this hormone, and that is why it is always recommended to sleep with the lights off. It is also advised to avoid any screen time before bed because the blue light coming out of the screens can prevent the release of the hormone. Keep the lights out in your bedroom, free from any device. You can try reading some real books if your body takes time to fall asleep.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Increasing Your Sleep?

Yes, it’s possible to lose weight by maintaining your sleep quality. According to the sleep foundation, sleep influences several activities in the body.

Inadequate sleep can lead to:

  • Lower metabolism: Low metabolism is directly linked to an increase in obesity problems, which welcomes many other health issues.
  • Increased appetite: Late night sleep makes you hungry, making you nibble on high-calorie foods.

There are different other ways a destructive sleep pattern creates space for obesity, making you gain weight.

The Bottom Line

Sleep is a need, just like food and water. Good sleep is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and if it’s something you don’t care about, it can lead you to trouble. There are ways by which you can improve your sleep health and fix it for a healthy life. Dieting, planning, and working out won’t work until you supplement them with good sleep hours. So sleep is all the answers that you need on how to lose fat; fix it first for better health.

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