How to Keep Your House Tidy after Having a Baby


Having a baby brings joy and happiness. However, it also comes with one challenge; a decluttered home almost all the time. What do you? Abandon the baby? Beat them up? Not really. The trick is coming up with ways of tidying up every mess they cause.

For instance, you can multitask, share tasks with others, handle small tasks when the baby is taking a nap, and having a to-do-list. Also, prioritizing tasks is a gem changer.

In this article, we will discuss in detail all these ways with the help from Easyway maids to keep your house tidy.

Know What to Prioritize

Having a baby, especially a firstborn, can cause lots of confusion. This is because you may not be sure what needs foremost attention and what should wait. The truth is, some tasks need first-hand attention while others should come last.

Let’s give an example; your newborn’s safety, as well as health, is a priority. Therefore, everything that pertains to the baby should be clean. That includes the baby’s room, you as the mother, and the kitchen where you are handling food.

All other tasks should come second in your list.

Do Small Tasks at a Time

If you really want to keep your house tidy after having a baby, never wait until the chores pile up. No, do small tasks at a time. You achieve this by making use of those hours the baby is asleep or playing.

One crucial advice here is this; do tasks that are urgent during these hours. That way, even after the baby demands your attention, you won’t worry about those urgent tasks.

Share Tasks

If you have an active baby, keeping the house tidy can be close to impossible. Hence, sharing loads with your partner can help. Alternatively, if you have a nun, let her help. Do you have other kids who are of age? If so, involve them.

However, to ensure that they offer the best while at it, allow them to do what they love most. They will not only do it fast but also do it excellently. Definitely, that is what you want, right?

Always Be Organized

Whether there is a newborn or not, being organized is every mother’s responsibility. However, when you get a newborn, the term “being organized” becomes weighty and should never be overlooked. So, how do you become organized? It is simple, have a to-do-list.

Sometimes, however, people neglect their list claiming that the task can wait. But the truth is, if you continue doing that, you will have lots of clutter to deal with. Avoid it by being organized and sticking to your to-do-list.

Try Multi-Tasking

Multitasking is a real game when trying to tidy up the house after having a baby. Let’s explain. If the baby is awake but playful, make use of that time and fold clothes, wash utensils or clean the kitchen. However, do not compromise on the safety of your baby. Here’s what we are saying. Don’t keep the baby in a place you can’t see it.

Ensure that you can see them as you multitask to ensure that they are safe.

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