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When it comes to our lady friends, I think every woman would love to find a way to make their breasts larger, fuller or perkier in a natural way. Who wants to go through painful expensive surgeries? Yeah, we thought so. Being that our breasts are at the center of our chest, it is likely that we focus on the appearance of them a bit more than we should as women. Most women would like to find a way to change something about their breasts if they could. Natural breast growth is not impossible, but it does require patience. Any time that you are trying to change something about your body whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, enhancing your but or breasts, all of it takes time for your body to adjust. Most people get impatient and turn to things such as breast augmentation, but for those that want to do things the natural route don’t worry, there are ways to do this!

As women, we will go to far lengths for beauty tricks which is why we want to make this one easier on you. I am going to fill you in on the top remedies that you can do in the comfort of your own home to increase your breast size naturally without any surgery or scars. Keep in mind, you don’t need to do all of these, but the more you do in combination with the others, the better the results.


Sometimes we underestimate the power that taking the proper vitamins has on our bodies as women. In general, aside from trying to enhance your breasts, you should be taking most if not all of the vitamins that we are going to talk about. Of course, taking these solely taking these vitamins are not going to create some life-changing miracle, but with the right program to follow you’ll notice results in no time.

Vitamin C, one of the most common vitamins out there. Most people think about the common cold when they think of Vitamin C but don’t let this one fool you, Vitamin C has a lot more benefits to it than just fighting off an ugly cold. Vitamin C is one of the best things you can provide to your body for collagen production. Especially if you have loose skin and your main goal is to firm up your breasts then this is a winner. There’s a reason this is one of the topmost important products in every woman’s skincare routine. Collagen production is vital for keeping the skin on your body, including your breasts tight, firm and toned. Please don’t leave this one out of your routine! You’ll thank us later.

Vitamin K, a very underrated vitamin that most people aren’t even aware of. Vitamin K is essential for getting proper circulation in your blood flow. When trying to grow your breasts, it’s important to have proper blood circulation in order for your breast tissue to have the ability to expand and grow. It’s similar to going to the gym, you need proper blood flow for your muscles to form. Your breasts are also a muscle, so, therefore, it requires the same attention as any other part of your body. Vitamin K will assist with any potential blood clotting or any areas of the body that need help healing. A little perk with this vitamin is it helps with reducing the appearance of stretch marks and spider veins, that’s a plus for many women out there!

Vitamin B5, known for providing hydration to the skin by preserving water within the skin. The number one reason for losing elasticity in your skin is from dehydration so having a vitamin in your routine that helps prevent this is a huge key. This vitamin is known for regenerating, healing, moisturizing and protecting your skin.

Adding these three vitamins will definitely help you on your breast growth journey as well as the overall health of your skin.


Remember that your diet is what controls a lot of the issues that you may be experiencing like weight gain, fatigue, skin impurities, loss of elasticity and many more. Following a healthy diet with breast enhancement targeting foods will help speed along the process of breast growth. When trying to increase your breasts you need to target healthy fatty foods being that your breasts are made up of fatty tissue. If you’re worried about weight gain, don’t be, a few healthy fatty foods/drinks are ok in moderation. Just be sure that they are a part of your diet enough to get the benefits you need from it.

  1. Whole Milk: If you are lactose, then please skip this one, if not then keep on reading. Whole milk is rich in fat and just enough of it is good for your body in creating healthy fat tissue.
  2. Soy Milk or Soy Products: Since soy is high in isoflavones it imitates estrogen which is fundamental for breast growth. Soybeans and tofu are a great option but don’t overdo these foods as you should only eat them as directed.
  3. Seeds: Whether it’s sunflower, flaxseed or pumpkin, they are all great for your health and production of breast tissue. These seeds are responsible for boosting estrogen levels in your body which as you know is required for breast enlargement.
  4. Fenugreek Seed Extract: There are some supplements that have fenugreek already included in their ingredients which is the easiest way to get this ingredient. Fenugreek is rich in phytoestrogens which leads to mammary gland growth.


This one may seem like it’s not as important, but it is. Targeting your chest when exercising will help increase the size, shape, fullness, and firmness of your chest. When we mention exercise, it is okay to do cardio, but we suggest limiting it and sticking to more weights as cardio may defeat the purpose. Focus on these workouts that target your chest muscle and aim to do this about 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

  1. Push-ups: This classic no weight added workout is great for toning your body entirely, but mainly focusing on your pectoral muscle. By increasing the size of your pectoral muscle, you’ll notice a fuller appearance of your breasts.
  2. Bench Press: Doing this with medium weight is perfect not causing you to become too bulky but just the right amount of muscle definition to help the projection of your breasts.
  3. Free Dumbbell: Lifting the dumbbell using about 5-10 pounds is a great way to tone any fat around your breasts that is causing them to appear smaller and simultaneously building your chest muscles creating larger fuller breasts.

Taking your vitamins, eating breast enhancing foods and targeting your chest when working out are all important steps to being able to have the breasts you’ve always wanted. As we mentioned, these are all-natural ways to breast growth, so it won’t happen overnight. Although with consistency and patience you will definitely notice a difference within a few months of sticking to this regiment.

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