How to Ensure Your Workplace is Accessible and Inclusive


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If there’s one thing that many businesses need to do better it is providing accessibility and inclusivity for disabled employees and clients.

So many businesses are not set up for people who are differently abled and this means that companies lose out n a lot of valuable skills and creativity that they could really put to use not to mention a lot of custom too!

With that being the case, let’s take a look at a few things you can do to ensure your workplace is accessible and inclusive right now:

Banish physical barriers

There are so many physical barriers in the workplace that make it almost impossible for disabled people to work there or become customers. So, this is a great place to start. Instead of stair-only access, install commercial lifts and ramps that wheelchair users can actually access. Instead of blocking corridors with files and signs and other junk, move them to one side so that people can get by easily even if they have a sight impairment or use a wheelchair. This will help more than almost anything else. 

Invest in technology that can help

There is so much assistive technology out there from screen readers and voice typing software to braille keyboards, which can make it so much easier for disabled people to work for you, and most of it is not very expensive. So, invest in it and you will find that you are more easily able to attract a diverse band of employees who have so much to offer.

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Be flexible

Offering flexible working hours, and even remote working options is a great way to ensure your workplace is as accessible and inclusive as possible because many people who are living with disabilities will need more time out to visit the hospital and things like that and some who have disabilities like autism, for example, many find a quiet home office much less stressful than coming into the building every day. 

Flexibility isn’t just good for disabled workers either, it has been shown to improve productivity levels in the average worker, in many cases too, so your business could benefit in more ways than one.

Train your managers

Training your managers in inclusivity and accessibility is really important because if they do not understand the issues and why they are so important, they might be slow to act on things that could improve the lives of employees and customers who have additional needs. The more understanding there is, the more harmonious the workplace will be for everyone in it.

Revamp the workspace

Revamping the workspace so that it has more quiet areas, more space and less noise and clutter will undoubtedly help many people to feel safer, happier and more included in the office.

The more accessible and inclusive your workplace is, the more options you have when it comes to hiring, the more customers you are likely to attract, and the better your business will be, so please do take these ideas into consideration.

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1 year ago

Thank you for bringing this up! Inclusive workspaces breaks boundaries and encourage diverse membership and interaction between different people.