Unique Team Activities To Create Positivity in The Workplace


In today’s day and age, having a positive work environment and a happy team is very essential for any kind of business to thrive. A good team that works together to overcome challenges, think creatively and strive to achieve a common goal, is the dream of any top management. However, this dream doesn’t come true on its own. There is hard work and efforts that need to be taken to make this dream, of a good team, come true.

A team building activity is one such effort that has proven to bring team members closer and work better together. Usually team building exercises and team games take place very occasionally, probably once a year or twice a year. But this can change to daily or weekly activities to keep up the morale of the team.

Building a team doesn’t necessarily have to cost the management a lot and does not need to be an occasional event. There are several unique team building ideas that can be practiced daily or weekly to create a positive environment and motivate the team to work better. These are all indoor team building activities which will not even require the team to move out of the office premises.

1.Creative Handshakes

This is an extremely fun activity to do with your team members daily and it’s going to cost you just a couple of minutes every morning. Gather your team members every morning and divide them into pairs. Give each pair three minutes in which they need to come up with a unique handshake and perform it to perfection. This fun activity every morning or once a week will get the team started on a good, positive note which will uplift the office atmosphere and will also be a reason for the entire team to engage with each other every morning.

  1. Desk Decor

This could be a monthly activity where all team members can be given a dedicated time slot in which they have to decorate their desks in a way that it says something about their personality. This will give the team members  to engage in a healthy, creative and fun activity. The desk decorations will also tell each team member something about each other and help them engage better with each other. A desk which is decorated as per an employee’s wishes will also make him/ her enjoy the work more.

  1. Weekly Talent Forum

Also known as Friday forum in a lot of companies, the aim of this team building idea, is to give team members a chance to showcase their skills and talents apart from the work they do. This will get the team members more up, close and personal with each other and also give an opportunity to each one of them to appreciate each other’s talents and most of all have a good time. This can be a weekly or a monthly activity depending on how many days you can dedicate for this activity. Giving an outlet to other talents of team members in the workplace itself, will make the employees appreciate their company, its efforts and hence, create a positive atmosphere in the company.


  1. Potluck

Food has always brought people together to have a good time and conversation over. Have a weekly or monthly potluck where each team member brings a dish to the office and all team members have that day’s meal together. This will instill a quality of doing something nice for the team members and also make the team members engage with each other in conversations and participate in a fun, team activity. This is a great way to overcome internal team conflicts and spread positivity in the team.


The idea behind all these unique team building activities and ideas is to get the team members involved in a team activity which is not just aiming at team building directly, but creating a fun work environment. It will get the team members working together and also create a positive and creative work environment.

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