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It’s no news that most kids spend more time in their room than anywhere else, so their room needs to be a reflection of their personalities. Aside from that, you would also want it to look tidy and practical, and foster a hardworking atmosphere. Also, when decorating your kid’s room, you need to make it stylish, cozy, comfortable and fun – so your kids will love to spend time in it. If you are planning to decorate your kids’ room, we have got some solutions for you, and it includes:

  • Making use of subtle updates with paints, fun textiles, and much more.
  • Invest in a handful of essential pieces.
  • Planning for long-term design updates with easy installation and removal.

Start with a Good Foundation and Spin the Color Wheel

Large pieces, such as rugs and furniture, can be a major investment, and this is why you need to start with well-designed styles that will last throughout your kids’ childhood. When you are getting your kid’s bed, ensure you choose a top-notch piece of furniture that they will be happy with for several years – whether it’s a pair of twin beds for sleepovers (or a shared room!) or a loft bed with a nook for studying or relaxing. Additionally, when you are getting their rug, a natural-fiber rug is one of the best options – it’s easy to clean and durable.

If you want to paint your kid’s room, and you’re confused about what color to use, spin the color wheel and allow it to make the decision for you. The kind of color you use on the walls of their room will go a long way to determine how the rest of the room will look. If you would like to cuddle them while in their room, you can look at this page for the best big bean bag chair. No doubt, a primary color, and pastels will look classy, but, if you’re interested in longevity, an adult-feeling palette will be extremely versatile over the years and can look incredible.

Mix it Up in the Room with Art and Embrace Easy Updates

When it comes to art, it’s all about creating a mix that will pair the latest pieces with the most kid-friendly creations and perhaps even featuring their own pieces made with paints from art class. As your kid grows, you will find it easy to change the young art pieces with more mature ones. Additionally, if you want to encourage their creative side, you can set up a small art studio for your kids, where they can always play quietly or have fun with their friends. If you don’t have a space for a table, you can set them up on the ground with some comfy cushions and pillows.

After you have gotten a solid foundation, it’s time to include the fun parts and little additions that will make your children smile. Though it doesn’t need to be your favorite thing about the room, these fanciful parts are what your kids will love the most; the decorative pieces that speak to their interests and personality. One thing to ensure when choosing this kind of item is easy installation and removal. Examples include a mobile above the bed, a temporary wallpaper on the wall and ceiling. These designs are easily updated when your kids have outgrown them. Take them along throughout the design process to make them feel more at home.

Play around with Prints and Patterns

When decorating your kid’s room, play around with prints and patterns to make their room more fun. In your kids’ room, you can make use of interesting textiles like a pillow with contrast welting, pin-tucked bed sheets, and a top-notch elegantly tailored pleated drape. However, when your kids want an upgrade to a style that is more adult, you won’t need to start from scratch as you already have the foundation in place. All you need is a few changes and swaps – like changing a patterned duvet to a crisp white one. If you have opted for removable wallpaper, you will simply have to peel and replace it with something more mature, like a solid color or a textured pattern such as faux marble or wood.

While your kids are younger, it can be fun to experiment with clashing patterns to make a striking design statement. A good way to achieve this is to go for similarly toned colors in different patterns, or you could choose contrasting but complementary colors by going for shades that face each other on the color wheel. Just be careful not to overdo it and go too crazy with contrasting colors, or you risk the room looking too loud and messy.

Think about function as well as fashion

Your kid’s room should be a fun, beautiful space, but it should also serve a purpose, or perhaps several purposes. What will they use their room for? A bedroom is primarily meant for sleeping, of course, which means that the decor should not be too distracting or painted with energetic colors like red, orange and yellow, which are known to make it hard to relax. However, if your child is young enough to play with toys and their room doubles as a playroom, you may also want to make it an environment that is fun and stimulating. 

A good way to strike this balance is to choose a corner of the room to be the play area, and invest in some good storage solutions for toys and games. When playtime is over, you (or your kid!) can pack the toys away out of sight and return the room to its tidy, peaceful state. Similarly, if an older child is likely to study or do homework in their room, it can be useful to choose one wall that contains their desk and bookshelf so that this can be the “study” area, leaving the rest of their bedroom free for rest and recreation.

Once it’s properly furnished and decorated, your kids should love to spend time in their own private space, and feel proud to invite friends over to hang out in their cool, fun bedroom. Their room will be their personal sanctuary in your home for many years to come, so the style and decor should be a reflection of who they are – and if their style changes over time, you will be ready to help them start over with these handy tips and tricks.

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