How to Clean Up Blood in Different Types of Conditions


Blood spilt is always tricky to clean up as it can seep through the pores of the materials, bind along with anything it comes in contact with and stain the surfaces the fabrics. Apart from this blood carries disease-causing microorganisms that are hazardous to everyone and so blood cleanup is very much essential. It is a proven fact that blood can be contaminated with dangerous pathogens that result in adverse health consequences.

It is very much essential to know how to clean up the blood in different conditions.

1) Blood Spilled on Non-Carpet Floors 

Blood spills can easily get set in the hard, non-carpeted surface like tile, ceramic, vinyl, metal, wood, cement and other non-absorbent floorings. Spills on hard surfaces often spread over larger and so it is very much necessary to clean it sooner.

Procedures that should be taken for cleaning blood spills on the hard surfaces:

  • Block the area until the cleanup and the disinfectant process is completed and denies access to anyone.
  • Always make sure to wear disposable gloves.
  • The first step is to wipe the blood spill as much as possible with an absorbent material like a paper towel.
  • The second step is to pour the bleach solution to all the contaminated areas and let the bleach solution soak those areas for around 20 minutes.
  • Dispose of the gloves and sanitize the non-disposable cleaning materials.

Blood Spill on a carpeted floor

As carpets are absorbent, a blood spill on a carpet is difficult to clean up. Blood and any other body fluids can quickly harden the carpeting and make them harder to clean. Steam clean can be the best option as it can sanitize, clean and remove all forms of debris from carpets more than conventional washing.

Procedure to clean blood spills from carpets

  • To put on the disposable gloves on is the first step to clean blood spill from any of the surfaces.
  • Spray proper carpet detergent as an initial disinfect that helps to kill the pathogens.
  • Carpet absorbs some fluid, so the next step is to remove those fluids.
  • Use a wet-dry vacuum before applying suction and repeat the process as necessary.
  • Re-saturate the affected area using a disinfectant and let it sit for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse the affected area for final time and till the disinfectant is removed and then dries the area thoroughly.

Cleaning up blood from a crime scene

Cleaning up a crime scene is one of the most challenging things that is faced by any crime scene cleanup technician. Crime scene containment is done to protect human against the bio hazardous materials. Obtain Personal Protective Equipment such as mask, goggles, apron, smock or uniform, disposable gloves etc.

Removal and disposal of blood-stained items at the crime scene is the next step. Bio hazardous waste disposal professionals will transport and dispose of the contaminated items. The next step is to sanitize the crime scene by using the medical-grade sanitizing chemicals to ensure proper remediation of viruses and bacteria that are associated with blood and other materials at the crime scene. Deodorization of the crime scene is the next step to do, followed by restoring the premises to a usable condition.

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