How to Clean Indoor Air with Little Effort


After slogging hard throughout the day in unhealthy air, you enter your home thinking of breathing in clean air. However, here is a reality check. In most cases, our indoor air is filled with dust mites, allergens, and other contaminated particles.

Since we’re talking about a clean and comfy atmosphere, what should be your main objective? If it is “a quality life with good health”, we’re on the same page. But, the reality is different. Your ‘home sweet home’ is often not offering you clean air to breathe in.

Alarming! isn’t it?

Due to pollution and climate change, we’re at the point where we need to observe some precautions. Let’s focus on this question: How can you make the indoor air clean and filth free? 

With a little effort to clean up the air quality, you can avoid asthma, various allergies, and even cardiovascular diseases.

Ready for the cleanup, are you? Here are some useful tips to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Accurate Ventilation

Have you ever noticed that breathing in fresh air is always a pleasure to nerves when compared with breathing in a closed room, no matter how clean it is? Well, a properly ventilated home can save you from trouble.

Open the windows to allow more fresh air into your home. This flow will help to kill the trapped dust mites as well. In colder months, people usually love to keep their homes cozy and warm, and they do not allow fresh air to flow indoors.

Mold spores, pet dander, and various dust mites get trapped in the environment, making it stale and filthy to inhale. 

Eventually, in winters, asthma flare-ups, and various allergies, symptoms get triggered. This is when respiratory diseases get a chance to attack you. Make sure to keep your home properly ventilated to avoid any potential health danger.

A Budget-friendly Air Cleaning System

Proper ventilation is sufficient only when you are pretty much sure about the quality of the outdoor air. This formula loses its ground when we live in an area where the outdoor air quality is worse.

For example, areas with high population density, fewer trees, more concrete, are likely to have poor air quality. In situations like this, a budget-friendly air purifier will offer you great help. The good thing is, there is a wide range of options available, including compact and easy to use plug-in air purifier.

By installing an HVAC system, you can ensure good indoor air quality. By killing more than 90% dust pollutants, air purifier saves you from respiratory diseases and asthma flare-ups. However, Don’t forget to change the filters on a regular basis.

In moist areas like basements, you can also install a dehumidifier to cut down the mold spores. Both devices are ionic and can decrease airborne pollutants to a higher level.

Cleanliness is Godliness

It’s a famous proverb: cleanliness is, no doubt, Godliness.

If you keep your home neat and clean, there are fewer chances to fall prey to diseases. Your personal hygiene and well-kept environment can save you from various illnesses.

You can keep your indoor atmosphere clean with little effort. All you need to do is to keep your surroundings neat and clean. If you regularly vacuum your carpets and clean the curtains, bedspreads, and pillow covers, you are definitely trying to improve your IAQ.

By simply infusing cleaning techniques, you can visibly cut down the number of air pollutants: the less indoor pollution, the greater the health benefits.

Introduce Some Greenery

What about having some indoor green plants to ensure a healthy atmosphere inside of the house? Well, if you love plants, then try planting some green plants inside your home.

Fresh green plants not only soothe your senses, they also create fresh oxygenated air. You will be amazed to know that nature has bestowed you with lovely air-purifying plants such as Barberton daisy, English ivy, snake plant, and Aloe Vera. These plants detoxify indoor air and help you sleep well, inhale well, and work well.


The air inside your house may not be as clean as you think. However, with a little effort to clean up contaminated air, you may avoid certain health risks. By following these tips, you can literally take the indoor air quality to the next level. After all, clean and fresh air guarantees better health, for you and your family.

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