How to Build a Home Theater the Whole Family Will Love


Since everyone’s been staying at home all year, there’s no better time than now to build a home theater and improve your entertainment set up.

Building a home theater can be more complicated than simply buying a large tv and setting up a surround-sound system. It can mean controlling outside light, soundproofing your room, and wiring up the room without it looking messy or unfinished. 

Here are some tips for building a home theater system your family can be proud of.

Dedicate a Room

The first step to making your home theater is finding a space for it. 

For some people, that could be transforming an already existing room into your theater room. For others, you might go as far as building a theater wing off the family room. 

Whatever space you decide on needs to be large enough that viewers can sit at a distance from the screen and have a wall space large enough for the projector to create the cinematic experience you desire.

By dedicating the room to screen-related activities, you enhance the experience by eliminating all external distractions. 

Manage the Acoustics and Ambient Light

When you build a home theater, a key part is the sound system. Without a proper surround sound setup, you might as well just be watching tv in your living room. 

However, another key thing to remember is eliminating ambient sound coming from outside the room. Nothing ruins a viewing experience more than hearing children screaming at their video games in the next room. 

You can soundproof your theater with a second layer of drywall or adding soundproof acoustic panels onto your walls. 

The same idea goes for reducing ambient light entering the room from outside. Cover up any windows with dark curtains or shades. 

Pre-wire the Projector and Surround Sound

When hooking up your setup, nothing looks worse than a mess of wires stretching across the floor, waiting for someone to trip over them. 

Pre-wire your speakers and projector by marking where they’ll go before you’ve started furnishing the room. Choose a spot for the control hub, such as a cabinet or a nearby closet. 

Properly Ventilate the A/V Rack

Wherever you place the A/V rack should have proper ventilation. These electronics run hot, and you don’t want them to get damaged or starting a fire.

Prop it up on a metal rack or leave it in the open so that it can breathe, and you should be fine.

Invest in a Good Seat

A good seat will make or break your viewing experience. After you’ve decided on a home theater fabric scheme, you’ll want to purchase a complementing set of seats. 

Whether you end up purchasing silk leather, Valentino leather, or suede seating, you might want to consider opting for darker shades for a truly immersive experience. 

Your home theater will be the talk of all your visitors, so don’t cheap out on it. 

Build a Home Theater Today

Your family deserves to have a great viewing experience at home. Build a home theater that you can be proud of. 

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