How Men Should Wear Gigi Clozeau Jewelry


How often have you heard the phrase that men should not wear any jewelry? While I agree with at least 90% of that statement, I would really rather say that men should not wear jewelry the wrong way. Men have been wearing jewelry from the time that male rulers had subjects that needed to visually perceive the gloriousness of their masters. It is almost a crime that what once was an accepted norm have, without reason, become taboo. If you want to get a fine set of jewelry for yourself or your girl, you can get them at Gigi Clozeau.

Another concern that men come forward with when they exclaim their hesitance to wearing jewelry is the fear that they might not pull it off. But what does that mean, exactly mean? Pulling off a look is not an exact science and while you should look good, the main concern is if it feels good and feels right for you. Never mind about the haters that gawk on you, if you know you rock the golden bracelet, then you know you do.

Bottomline is that, if you feel like wearing jewelry but is somehow put off by the thought, then you really are just making excuses. I understand that some men do not feel comfortable having too much attention drawn to them, but even that should matter granted that you choose the right set of bling. When wearing jewelry, or any dash of fashion for that matter, is never right nor wrong. Clothes are an expression of one’s self and as such, you owe it to yourself to at the very least, give it a try and let that voice be heard.

It really all boils down to confidence. And, with that said, let us now look at some of the mistakes that you should avoid when wearing jewelry. This, and a few tips on how to wear them right might just give you the kick you need to get over that jewelry hump.

Gigi Clozeau: Wear it with confidence

Men are laid back in nature compared to our flamboyant counterpart. There are exceptions of course, and there is definitely nothing wrong with that. But for the rest of us who feel a bit shy and dread the idea of showing people up with fancy glitzy wears, then it might be a concern.

Confidence is the main problem when guys choose to wear jewelry. And I understand where this is coming from. It already takes a lot of effort to drag someone to wear something might be judged, rocking them can be even harder.

With that said, how do we gain the confidence we need to strut our stuff? First things first, you want to get to know the jewelry. Try going into shops to look around and find something that you might fancy. Wear the suits that you usually wear and see how they match with the ones on display. If you are feeling a bit more confident, you might even ask to wear them and wear it in front of a mirror for a test run. You may not feel it, but you will then start to feel at home with the jewelry dangling from your limb. This adds to the confidence stock that you badly need to refill.

Talking to the salesperson can give you a boost too. Having a pleasant conversation with people whom you know are knowledgeable about the subject will make you feel that what you are doing is right. Ask them if it looks good on you and for tips on which ones you should get given the type of clothes you wear.

As this might be your first time handling jewelry, try not to blow your budget on something over the top. There is no reason to rush this. Start with the plain and simple ones that do not look any more intimidating than the watch that you are already wearing. Pick colors that do not scream at people that you pass by. Be confident, and in a way, be in a place that gives you that confidence as well.

Gigi Clozeau: Know When to Wear It

The first half of the battle is getting the jewelry and knowing how to wear them. The second half is knowing where to wear them. Men, perhaps due to their unfamiliarity, often overdress when going to events. The environment should match the kinds of clothes you wear and that includes the jewelry. There are a few places where it is not encouraged to wear jewelry and there are also places where it is completely inappropriate.

Wearing jewelry in funerals is unacceptable. It is almost a wonder how a lot of men do not know this unspoken rule almost as old as time. While the number is dwindling you still see some men sporting a complete five ringer combo and walk right straight into someone’s casket.

Never overdress in a place of work. While the culture of free expression is slowly becoming a trend, there are a few reasons why you should tone down on the jewelry at a place of work. First of all, jewelry is basically a sign of someone’s affluence, and as such, flaunting it around on a place where people regularly compete with each other to get a bigger raise might not be exactly appropriate. Another reason is that some jewelry may look too informal and could distract your co-workers, as well as your managers.

Finally, there is no real reason why people should wear jewelry in school. As a place of learning, there is little value in trying to look rich knowing that everyone else there is focused on doing something else for themselves.

Gigi Clozeau: Tone it Down

We all caught the jewelry bug at some point in our life. But, before completely transforming to Mr. T, we actually found a way to curb the enthusiasm. Balance is key and try to look somewhere between a sultan and someone in a retirement home.

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1 year ago

I don’t really like such jewelry, I like something more brutal. As for me a great option for men is rough accessories as in this article it’s easy to combine with many things and it looks very brutal and masculine