How Living in Evergreen CO Brings You Close to Nature


Sometimes, you’ll just feel like the sound of the busy streets in the city automatically makes you feel tired and sick. A change of scenery will be a good solution for this. Either you’re bringing your family with you or you’re just a bachelor looking for a change, the town of Evergreen in the state of Colorado is a good option to move to – especially if you’re trying to be more one with nature. 

Evergreen is located on a mountain.

Evergreen is found in the Rocky Mountains which is a popular mountain range in North America. To be exact, Evergreen has an altitude of 7,220 feet. Once you’re in the town, you’ll just fall in love with the scenic view around you. You’ll feel like you’re at the center surrounded and protected by the mountains. The greeneries are everywhere and the stillness of nature will give you peace.

There are several parks and national forests.

The forests are conserved and maintained where people could stroll by. There are numerous parks in the area that could be good picnic grounds in the summer. Evergreen just has a wholesome and family-friendly environment that brings you a breath of fresh air. 

Mountain trails are accessible for hiking.

If you are one adventurous person, then you’ll never run out of trails to explore in Evergreen. There are several mountain trails that you can hike or mountain bike – either you want an easy track or a harder one. There are also mountain tours that are usually offered to tourists and these usually take for half a day. Camping sites and campgrounds are also everywhere which makes it easy for you to just put up tent and light up a bonfire.

Wildlife animals are roaming around

Animals that are only seen in the forests are free to roam around in Evergreen. There are deers, turkeys, elks, buffalo, bears, mountain lions, hawks, eagles, and more. You do not have to worry that you’ll get accidentally attacked by these animals as long as you do not bother them. You’ll learn how to cohabit with these marvelous animals once you lived in Evergreen since you’ll probably see them every day. 

Evergreen Lake is open for water sports.

Evergreen Lake makes up 0.5% of the bodies of water that are around the town. During the summer, the lake is used as an area for water sports especially canoeing, paddle boarding, and also fishing. However, in the winter, the water completely freezes up due to the cold climate. Then it becomes a good spot for ice skating and other on-ice activities.

Evergreen, CO is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you want peace and quiet, then Evergreen is the best place for you. The mountainous views and your everyday exposure and interaction with nature will help in refuelling your spirits. You can buy a house which can serve as your vacation house from time to time that you want to recharge or maybe, you finally realize that a serene type of life is what you are born for and permanently move in Evergreen. 

Aside from nature and the mountains, Evergreen has more to offer which can prove that it is a good place to settle in. Wondering what it’s like living in Evergreen, Colorado? Click this link:

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