How do I know if PEMF is working?


A PEMF therapy device is the best way to overcome your daily stress and tension. You can easily purchase it from Healthy Line – the best place where high-quality PEMF devices or mats are produced. PEMF benefits make your life easy and comfortable. You can simply bring the best PEMF device of your choice and enjoy a therapy session. But the tricky one is to check whether your device is in working condition or not.

It can be strange to lie on a PEMF therapy mat and not hear or feel anything when using the PEMF therapy devices. This can make you worry that your PEMF device isn’t working properly. You can’t see, feel, or hear the pulsed electromagnetic fields that are coming from your device while using most PEMF therapy devices.

To tackle this, we have explained a very simple and easy method allowing you to test your devices whether they are working or not. You can check the working of your PEMF device from your home or clinic without the help of a professional. It is a very simple method and does not require any cost, you can make this at home by simply using a magnet.

Test your device by using a Magnet

Using a magnet tester is a great and simple way to check whether your device is working or not.  With this instrument, you can quickly identify if you have any doubt that it is not working.  For this, you have to act accordingly to fix the problem. You can also check it frequently to be informed of the condition of your equipment.

You can physically see your PEMF device working – Thanks to a magnet. The magnet will be exposed to magnetic fields when it is put close to the coils of your PEMF device. If the device is functioning properly, you will be able to see or hear the magnet moving when it is exposed to magnetic fields.

If your device is functioning, you will be able to hear or see the magnet moving as it bounces around the casing after encountering the magnetic field. if your Therapy device or mat isn’t operating then the magnet will not show any movement or produce any sound.

How does the science behind this work?

First, We are going to understand the science behind the PEMF device testing by using a magnetic field tester. Here is a brief overview of how it works:

A pulsing electromagnetic field, or PEMF, is a magnetic field that oscillates, or one whose strength changes by its waveform. A pulsing electromagnetic field will alternate between pushing another magnet away and pulling it closer, just as when you bring one magnet closer to another, it pushes the other magnet away (depending on whether you are holding the North or South pole of the magnet).

However, this cycle of pushing and pulling another magnet will occur very quickly, and what we will see is a piece of magnetic that is vibrating or bouncing.

How to make a tester at home?

To make a magnetic field tester at home to check your PEMF device, you need some items and work safely at home when trying this.


  • Hammer
  • Safety goggles
  • Old magnet
  • White paper or jar
  • Pad to hammer on

Steps to follow

  1. Wear your safety glasses
  2. Locate a solid surface where you can hammer on and set your pad down there
  3. Use the hammer to tap the old magnet until a little piece breaks off
  4. To avoid defeating the goal, try to keep the little bits apart and prevent them from sticking together
  5. Place your little magnet on the white paper or inside the tiny clear jar
  6. Place it inside the PEMF field or on the PEMF mat and watch it dance

This proves a very simple and easy method to check the working of your PEMF devices or mats. PEMF benefits will help you to enjoy a healthy therapy session and can easily check the workings by using a PEMF magnetic field tester made at home.

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