How Can You Earn Money through Social Media: Ultimate Ways to Consider


The first question you should be asking yourself is how much time you are spending on your social media accounts. An average person is responsible for spending almost 2 hours on social media regularly, as stated by That is a lot of time. This time can be used to do something extremely productive. Instead of spending your time on social media, you can use them in a strategic manager for earning money. As stated by one of the popular Instagram influencer applications, influencers who have at least a thousand followers are capable of making $50 from any brand. 

How much money can be made from social media?

The amount of money that you can normally make from social media does not have any limits. You can make 50 dollars or 2000 dollars every month. It is completely dependent on the effort that you are giving and how smart you are. If you are interested in being successful, you must have followers who are interested in your content. 

You can consider the 8 methods that have been listed below if you want to make more money from your social media accounts. 

Making money from Pinterest

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the ideal platforms for selling products, and people who do not know about Pinterest should consider visiting this site. Pinterest has more than 200 million users and 92% of them are constantly looking forward to purchasing something. If you have such a wide audience base, you can make a lot of money by promoting affiliate products or your products. As soon as you know how you can use this platform, you have to sign up for the affiliate products and promote each one of them for making sales. 

Selling digital products

This method is going to take both time as well as effort but it is going to be fruitful at one point in time. If you decide to sell digital products, you will be able to make money consistently. If you are good at something, like SEO or graphic designing, you can write e-books and share the secrets that you know. For creating e-books, you can use reputed sites like Canva or tools like Microsoft Word. Once the e-book is done, you have the option of selling it through ClickBank or Amazon. To promote the e-book, you can make use of Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Ensure that you are using the appropriate hashtags for reaching the targeted audience. Investing in advertisements will also help in increasing the reach. If the topic you have chosen is interesting, people will buy your book. 

Becoming a social media manager

90% of online businesses prefer to promote themselves through their social media profiles because it is the best way of generating more customers. Online marketers are constantly thinking of new strategies for promoting their products. This provides space for those freelancers, who are interested in handling as well as promoting businesses on social media sites. Their task normally involves:

  • Scheduling any social media update
  • Giving replies to messages
  • Creating graphics
  • Setting up profiles

To become a social media manager, you need to know whether you possess the following skills:

  • Ideal communication skills
  • Aware of what is happening on social media
  • Knowing how you can become the perfect service provider

Influencer marketing

This is also one of the best methods for those people who have a great following. If thousands of people follow you on Facebook or Instagram, you can promote those products that your followers are going to like. However, before you are promoting anything, you have to contact the brand of that particular product and offer to receive payments for promoting the products. If they are ready to pay you, you will get payments for the promotional posts that you share.

Promoting affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is never going to get old and it is an amazing way of making online money. You have to apply for affiliate programs, grab affiliate links, and promote them. If people purchase products through the affiliate links, you are going to receive commissions. If you are a blogger, you can promote the affiliate links through your blog. If you are not, you can use your social media profiles, however, you need to have engaging followers. 

Share referral links

Numerous companies are not interested in traditional methods of advertising and they choose referral programs, where they are going to offer cash incentives as well as freebies for promoting their services and products. Since you are going to be a user, you will receive referral links and when anyone decides to sign up, you are going to get paid. These links can be shared through your social media accounts. 

Instagram photos

If you are uploading beautiful and unique photos on your Instagram account and receiving attention, you have the chance of making money from all these photos. You can upload your photos on Foap, Shutterstock, or Twenty20. Ensure that you are inserting the links to these websites so that your followers can buy them directly. Make sure that you are constantly interacting with followers who are interested in your photos and will be genuinely interested in purchasing them as well. Most online marketers and bloggers prefer purchasing photos and if you are promoting your stuff properly, they may buy them. You can get Instagram views by posting crisp photos. 

Selling physical products

If you are great in making things that will interest people, you can display them with the help of your social media accounts. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram will be good choices for promoting products. Eventually, when you start getting more followers, it will be easy for you to sell the products. This is a great way of making money online.  


These are undoubtedly some of the legit ways of making money with the help of social media. It can look difficult but as soon as you start getting results, it will be easy. Make sure that you are staying motivated to gain success in your business. 

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