How can I help my baby’s physical development?



When babies are at the womb, the process of physical development takes place. But that’s the time when mother nature takes proper care of it. After the baby is born, that’s when you have to take over and help with baby’s physical development is every possible way.

What Are The Milestones of Your Baby’s Physical Development?

Before, heading into the core of today’s article, let’s talk about what are your baby’s development milestones? This will help you out with tracking the right progress and act accordingly.

With ascending age of the baby, check out whether the baby is meeting milestones or not-

  1. Baby can seat with stability for long periods.
  2. Baby can bounce on the bottom of its body.
  3. Pushing up right from its tummy.
  4. Also, pushing up right on hands and knees.
  5. Able to seat back from a crawling position.
  6. Trying to move on itself based on shuffling on the bum.
  7. Can stand firmly on the legs with a support.
  8. Can move forward to holding things using the thumb and grip.
  9. Can rake tiny objects with hand.
  10. Can pick up large-sized objects with hand.
  11. Can chew or gum finely.
  12. Baby can feed itself by its own hands.
  13. Pick up any mug or cup and put it on the mouth.
  14. Can bang two different objects together.
  15. Can grab, shake or slide objects without anyone’s help.

Over time, you should be able to see your baby reaching these milestones. And that’s what it should be. And in the following section, we will show you how you can help the baby to reach these milestones.  

7 Tips to Help with Baby’s Physical Development

Here is a list of 7 tips through which, you can help your baby to go through a good physical development process. Let’s start- 

Tip 1: Be Your Baby’s Playmate

The first and probably the best advice to give from our side is to participate in baby’s plays. You have to literally get on the floor and talk about the toys. Introduce him the colors, different shapes, and objects, animal, characters and other types of toys. Get a ball and roll it over to her and teach our how to roll it back to you.

Tip 2: Let The Baby Crawl Over You

Crawling the best kind of exercise that can give a boost to your baby is physical development. But if you let your baby crawl on a solid object, that might be risky for the baby.

The best thing to do is lie down yourself and let the baby from all over you. Once you lie down, you will see the baby to do it naturally without any encouragement. It is quite a natural process, and the baby will continue it to do for years to come as well. It will also help the baby to learn how to stand on its own.

Tips 3: Take the baby into a walk

No matter your baby is an infant or toddler, you should always take him out on regular basis. If the baby is not still able to work on itself, you can use gears like infant walkers, strollers.                                     

Tip 4: Teach your baby how to exercise

This might sound strange at first, but there are a number of exercises that you can do with your baby. Take baby yoga as an example. Right after your infant baby had turned into a toddler, you can start the process of doing light weight exercises with your baby.

Tip 5: Give the baby destination

Right after your baby had learned how to crawl, you need to drive him/her towards small destinations and make the baby travel the distance. You can do that with help of placing toys at a nearby distance. The baby will automatically crawl over to get there.

Tip 6: Provide the baby with noise making toys

Auditory development is an important part of the whole physical development of your baby. Providing it with different kinds of toys that make noise might be a good attempt to help the baby with that. Also, you can give the baby music playing toys as well.

Tip 7: Prevent baby from swallowing everything

It is known to everyone that, babies are like to chew and swallow everything they can find around. But that is seriously harmful in most cases.

However, what you can do is- make sure that no tiny or small objects are around the baby. When objects are big enough, they cannot be easily swallowed by the baby.

Bottom Line

Although physical development is a natural process and it should not be forced externally, but that’s not what we are talking about. We want you to show your baby the right ways to improve his/her movement, senses, muscles and everything else. Hopefully, this article had been a good guide on that.

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