Home Additions For A Growing Family: A Quick Guide


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Do you plan on having more children? Are there relatives who’ll be living with you? It could be your nephews, nieces, or even parents. Such changes come with the need for additional space to meet the new and existing needs. 

One of the ideal solutions for needing a bigger space is building home additions. A home addition is an improvement project that adds to the floor area of your existing home. 

How will you know the additions to have to meet the needs of your growing family? Here’s a guide on the additions you can have in your home:

A Bedroom

A bedroom is a great addition if your growing family involves getting more children or having your aged parents stay with you. You need enough room to accommodate them, ensuring comfort and privacy.

The number of children you plan to add should guide the number of bedrooms. Suppose you’re to have two or three children. Add a bedroom for each of them, or have them share, especially for similar genders. 

The location is something else to consider when adding a bedroom. For aged parents, add a room downstairs where they can access it easily. 

Ensure the bedroom is of the right square footage. It should hold the basic bedroom accessories like the bed and allow for storage and traffic flow. Visit this website for more on home addition projects.


A growing family comes with the need for an extra bathroom. When parents move in, an extra bathroom gives room for privacy. If the growth is that of children, an extra bathroom will aid in timekeeping. There will be minimal to no wait time as family members wait for each other to shower. 

It’s best to position your bathroom in a strategic place. An ideal place could be next to the bedrooms for easier access. An alternative would be to have ensuite bathrooms for maximum privacy, especially where your parents are concerned.

A Storage Room

A growing family comes with the need for storage. The new members will have more items in addition to what you have. Without proper planning, clutter is likely to become your new norm. Hence, the need for a storage room.

You can convert an unused space or add one to your home. The trick is ensuring it’s large enough to accommodate the new needs. 

It’d help to maximize this space as much as possible. Build shelves in layers to the walls and create cabinets to increase storage space. The aim is to allow for proper storage and avoid clutter in the future.

A Family Room

Family is all about togetherness and spending time together. You can only achieve this when you have enough room to accommodate all family members without infringing on anyone’s personal space. 

A growing family means there will be more family members. The current family room might not be enough to meet the new needs. Henceforth, it’s best to have a family room as one of your home additions.

The best way to add to your family room is to build an extension next to it. It’d help make it big enough to meet the new needs while considering future additions. With the extension in place, knock down the external wall between the old and new family rooms. It ensures continuity and the maximum use of the space.

A Playroom

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A playroom is an ideal addition if you have small children. Children spend a lot of time playing. Previously, they could’ve been playing in your living room, which perhaps resulted in breaking your home decorations. On the other hand, outdoors is also an option, but not ideal for the cold season or if security is an issue in your locality.

You can build the playroom next to your home or one attached to it. You want easy access, especially for monitoring your children as they play. 

It’d help to provide enough floor area. Your kids shouldn’t feel confined. Otherwise, they’ll likely abandon the space and play elsewhere, defeating the playroom’s purpose. 

Additionally, provide storage space for the kids’ toys, and have the space in an easy-to-reach area for your children. Storage space will help prevent clutter.

A Second Storey

Adding a second storey to your home might be the ideal home addition. It’s the case if you don’t have enough space around your existing compound to add new spaces horizontally. 

The second storey enables you to add all the spaces you lack to meet your new needs as a growing family. You can add bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage rooms, among many other spaces. 

Adding a second story requires many considerations, including your existing home’s structural integrity. Hence, working with a reputable contractor for this project is important. They’ll check the project’s viability and devise the best ways to achieve it, factoring in safety. Also, seek the necessary approvals and permits from your local government. 


The introduction has stated the benefits of home additions to a growing family. The read further highlights the ideal additions to consider for your home. It’d help to adopt this guide as you execute such a project. Doing so ensures your existing and new family members meet their needs with the utmost comfort and privacy.

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