Helpful Guide On Shopping For Biscuit Joiners


Each day more woodworkers are starting to comprehend the advantages associated with using a biscuit joiner for their furniture projects. The esteem of biscuit joiners appears to expand daily, and this comes as no surprise since using them offers a fast, easy, and durable joinery option.

Why Use Them?

Biscuit joiners offer side-by-side alignment that corrects the majority of missed marks. If you have utilized dowels for reinforcing a joint, you can appreciate the difficulty involved. Even though dowels are plenty durable, they can be fussy to align appropriately, whereas biscuits are a lot easier to install. They can also be utilized in many of the same applications as dowels. You can think of a biscuit as an uncomplicated method of adding a spline to a joint. Even if you have missed the mark when cutting a biscuit slot, the parts will still fit together since biscuits are highly forgiving with side-to-side alignment. They also offer precise registration of part surfaces. This is where biscuit joiners are effective. A tool’s fence registers mutually joint surfaces correct every time. The biscuit also strengthens the joint in the same way as a dowel would.

Shopping For Biscuit Joiners

The best way to find the best biscuit joiner for your requirements is to handle as many as you can to see which ones work the best.

Handle Styles

The barrel grip on the joiner will help with keeping your hand in line with the cut and making it easier to stay steady while you push. You can choose between the D-handle style and a barrel grip where you grab the body of the machine. Some woodworkers favor a D-handled tool for making their biscuit cuts. It is your choice to select which style works for you. You want to purchase a machine, which fits comfortably in your hand. For some, the barrel grip works best.

Fence Characteristics

The most effective biscuit joiners have an adjustable fence, which can set at 135◦ and 45◦ angles. Look for a fence, which can be set at both degrees since this will permit you to register the machine either on the outside face or inside the face of a mitered joint. This will maximize your selections when assembling the pieces. A joiner fence must be easily adjustable to be of use. Locking knobs and rack-and-pinion adjustments are the most useful.

Using Smaller Blades For Small Joints

Most joiners permit you to swap smaller blades into the system, allowing smaller biscuits and more refined work for objects like picture frames. A 4 inch-diameter blade, which is standard on most biscuit joiners, is excellent for your typical #20, #10, and #0 biscuits. However, if you require the biscuit joiner to do smaller work like picture frames, you will require a smaller blade as well as smaller biscuits. However, if you require the flexibility of utilizing smaller biscuits, ensure your joiner can be retrofitted as necessary for this reason. A biscuit joiner should add accuracy, speed, and strength to your joint-building projects.

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