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hbbevobagThe HBBevo (healthy Back Bag Company) has some super bags available that can hold everything but the kitchen sink.  These bags are so cool.  The style is amazing.

My daughter loves her Amethyst Distressed Nylon HBBevo bag.  Even though it’s small, it holds big things.   The price is a great one at only $60.00.  This bag holds everything she was already carrying, but has the ergonomic sensation designed to contour to your shape, minimizing stress on the neck, shoulders, and back.

My daughter is 17, so you know she carries a lot of unnecessary things in her bag, because we all did at that age.  But now, at least it won’t be so stressful on her body.

You can see the many pockets on this bag, giving you a good many places to put all your important items you carry daily.  Sarah has her cell phone in the front pocket, and iPad mini in the back pocket.  The middle is full of stuff, like pens, paper, tissues, etc.  And there is still room for more stuff.

This chart will help you pick the size that is right for you.

The Support The Cause Bags are absolutely stunning.  This is perfect, because even though October is over, you can still support Breast Cancer Awareness by carrying this bag year ’round.  Check out the different sizes, and prices at the link in this paragraph.  Partial proceeds from the purchase of this bag go to Breast Cancer Options.

Check out the Clearance items while you are at the HBBevo Site.  There are lots of good prices, and beautiful bags in the clearance selection.


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