Your Guide to the Best School Trips


Every student loves a school trip! A day away from the school building and some time with their friends having fun whilst visiting a place of importance for their study. However, have you ever wondered if the places you’re visiting are the best possible locations for your learning?

To give you a bit of help when planning your next visit, we’ve got an infographic about education travel from World Strides. No matter what you study or what subject you teach, be sure to take a look at what they offer! Without Further ado let’s take a look!


Geography is a subject that loves a good school trip. Putting into practice all of the theory you learned in the classroom is a vital aspect of passing the course. Therefore, going on the right trip is an essential part of getting the best possible grades.

With that being said, we believe the following locations are perfect for your school trips:

These trips aren’t very expensive either which is another great reason to visit them right away!


History is another subject that doesn’t shy away when it comes to school trips. Much like Geography students, History students rely on school trips in order to further expand their knowledge of the subject. Therefore, after much debating, we’ve identified the following locations a must to visit:

These three locations are history rich and can all be great case studies to focus on.


Although science doesn’t heavily rely on trips, going on some informative science trips will definitely expand your knowledge of the subject. Therefore, we believe the following locations are the best places to go to if you study science:

Religious Studies

Due to the many religions across the world, visiting some of the hubs of religion is brilliant in order to further appreciate their beliefs. Therefore we believe the following places are great to visit on a school trip:

These places are some very important places in many people’s lives and all students studying religion could learn a lot from talking to the people associated with these places.


Knowing the history of Art is vital when it comes to passing the subject. Therefore, visiting museums and appreciating the history of art is essential. With that in mind, we believe the following museums are so important to visit:

These museums have tons of collections of art produced by some of the greatest artists the worlds have ever seen.


The appreciation of Drama is something all drama students need to understand in order to develop their own drama skills. Therefore, going on trips to see world-class drama performances and appreciating the evolution of drama over the years is so important.

With that being said we believe the following places are exceptional to visit:


The last subject we have on our infographic is English. Understanding the different styles of writing and how to effectively use the English language is something you can only really appreciate during trips. Getting out of the classroom is great to expand your learning in this subject. Therefore, we suggest you visit the following places:

These places allow English students to explore all kinds of literature and really develop their knowledge and appreciation of English.

To look into more detail about these school trips, please take a look at the infographic below. Once you’ve read up about these places be sure to book your next school trip now!

Your Guide to the Best School Trips

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4 years ago

Children of all ages can learn much from well designed field trips. The MCPS gifted programs take the students on great trips, many taking advantage of the Smithsonian museums thus keeping the costs down. But let me tell you, these trips have class work tied to the trip before and after the actual trip.