Great Ways to Keep Fit When You’re Short on Time


Being a mom is unbelievably time-consuming. Many of us are working or studying, perhaps for an online SPR degree, around our families. But even for stay at home mom’s, there often isn’t much time, or inclination, to go to the gym. However, making sure you get regular exercise will help you stay fit and healthy, as well as stress-free, so it’s important to try and fit it in where you can. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep fit, even when you’re busy. Here are some of the best.


Walking is probably the easiest way to add exercise to your day. Walk places instead of driving. Walk up the stairs instead of getting in the elevator. Adding any movement to your day will help to improve your fitness levels.


Playing with the kids is another fantastic way to add activity to your day to day life. Taking them to the park or swimming is great. Even if you don’t actually swim, just moving about or lifting them in the water provides amazing exercise, because the water acts as resistance. Even just playing with them at home, rough housing, or dancing around the kitchen, will help.


Running is an exceptionally good exercise for those short on time. You don’t need to go anywhere special, just put on your trainers and run out of your front door. You can get a fantastically effective workout from a 30-minute run. Running works your core and back muscles, as they hold you up. It also helps to improve your posture, your legs obviously get a wonderful workout, and even your arms are helping to propel you forwards. If you are only going to run for 30 minutes, to keep your workouts effective, be sure to push yourself; aim to go further and faster in the same time. If you’re new to running, a couch to 5k program is a great place to start. If you want to take running seriously, try to add some strength training, such as Pilates, to your workout routine.

Online Videos

There are so many workout videos on YouTube. There’s Pilates, yoga, aerobics, combat aerobics, HIIT, weights, anything you could imagine. There are also short 10-minute videos, so even if you are incredibly short on time, there is no excuse.

Interval Training

If you are looking to lose weight or increase your fitness levels quickly, interval training is a great option. Interval training is a proven weight loss technique. To incorporate intervals into your running, create a plan in which you sprint for a short interval, followed by a gentle jog, and repeat for 30 minutes. Other ways you could use interval training include aerobics, Pilates, or weights.

If you’re aiming to start an exercise plan, try to do it first thing in the morning. Not only will this free up the rest of your day for playing, working, or your online public relations degree, it also means you are much less likely to put it off. You’ll spend the rest of the day feeling great after an early adrenaline boost.

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