Great Parenting Tips And Tricks For Taking A Vacation With Kids


Are you looking forward to planning your next family vacation? A vacation with kids takes a lot of work to plan out and to execute with ease. From screaming toddlers to moody teens, there’s a lot to take into account.

Although thinking about taking your children with you on your vacation might seem like a headache waiting to happen, there are a few tricks and tips that you can use to ensure that the vacation goes as smoothly as possible. Before you pack the car with your entire home’s contents and buckle the kids in, be sure to read up on ways to travel with kids.

To learn how to have the best time on your vacation with the kids by your side, continue reading below. Here are 7 helpful parenting tips and tricks when traveling with kids!

1. Explain It to Your Kids

We might not understand this, but our small children don’t always know what’s going on and that can be frustrating for them. Imagine being forced to tag along with someone everywhere they went but never being told of the plans. This also increases anxiety in children because they have no way to predict the future.

To put your little one’s minds at ease, be sure to explain the vacation to your kids. Let them know the plans for the entire trip. This includes how the family plans to travel whether it be via car, plane, train, etc. Then, let them know what to expect throughout the entire vacation.

You might realize that your children are more behaved when following this advice. There won’t be as many questions or concerns from them either.

2. Pack Their Essentials

Always be sure to pack your children’s essentials. This means an adequate amount of snacks and drinks, of course, but it also means a few other necessities. Think about your children’s favorite toys, blankets, or other items that bring them comfort.

They most likely won’t want to go a long period of time without these items anyway, but having them on hand also helps relax your little ones. Aside from these items, you should also consider bringing some toys, games, or other activities to keep them busy.

Make sure you bring enough for everyone to have something to do at all times with a few extra options on the side as well.

3. Give Yourself Extra Time

When traveling with children, you should always give yourself extra time. You can’t leave your house with the exact amount of time needed to get to your destination when you’re supposed to. Traveling with children of any age means you need to give yourself extra time.

Wake up much earlier than you would if it were just you or you and your partner going on the trip. If you give yourself enough extra time, then you leave room for error. And trust us, there will be a few errors.

When you have to make several stops on the way for a bathroom, you won’t have to worry about needing to rush. You can move at a slow pace and keep your cool the entire time if you know you’re ahead of schedule.

4. Don’t Over Pack

You may feel tempted to load up the entire house into the car. However, overpacking will only add to your stress. Instead, stick to the things that your children are familiar with and will help them stick to their normal routine.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to stick with every routine that you and your children are used to at home. Be sure to pick the ones that are most important and bring items to help you stick to those. Bringing your entire house with your results in carrying tons of luggage while trying to keep up with little ones.

If you arrive at your destination and realize that you’ve forgotten something, consider buying it there. It’s much easier than lugging it around with you.

5. Don’t Over Schedule

When planning out your vacation’s itinerary, be sure not to over schedule. Remember that your little ones won’t have as much ability as you will to complete multiple activities in one day. Instead, stick to one activity each day.

This leaves you enough time for eating proper meals, taking naps, and heading to bed on time. You should also preschedule your activities before arriving. This way, you won’t have to scramble to figure out what to do each day or have arguments between children about it.

Get your activities, events, tours, and everything else situated before leaving for the trip.

6. Look Into Discounts

When traveling with multiple children, it’s always a good idea to look into what discounts might be available to you. Child discounts are offered just about anywhere you travel to, so always speak up and ask about them. Restaurants, tours, private guides, and transportation are just to name a few places where child discounts occur.

If a website or brochure doesn’t mention a child discount, this doesn’t mean that they don’t offer one.

7. Come Back to a Safe Home

One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling with your family is that you want to come back to a safe home. When you’re not there to keep everything running smoothly, it can be a bit daunting not knowing what you’re coming home to.

To give you peace of mind while away, be sure to contact your local electrician, plumber, and other home services to do a quick inspection to ensure everything is working as it should before leaving for the trip.

If you plan on being away for an extended period of time, be sure to contact the professionals and ask about the best ways to keep your energy cost down while away and keep your home safe.

It’s Time to Start Planning Your Vacation with Kids!

If you’re in need of a vacation, but can’t find a sitter, don’t panic. Using these tips listed above is a great way to plan your vacation with kids with ease. Follow these tips and tricks and you’re sure to have the vacation of your dreams!

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