GiveForward – Helping Families in Times of Need


GiveForward – Helping Families in Times of Need

Give ForwardI can tell you first hand this year that when times get hard that it can be near impossible to make ends meet. In December my husband was laid off from his job. This not only brought our family of six to depend on just my income but it also caused us to loose our health insurance. While it is easy for some to go without insurance, having a family of four very active kids who love doing dangerous stunts and trick and myself being diagnosed with my own medical conditions isn’t as easy for us. To make matters worse I found out earlier this month that I have a tumor on my cervix and require surgery. Immediately I felt the stress of how we would cover the costs of the surgery and other expenses we have.

I recently learned about a company called GiveForward. GiveForward is one of the top online fundraising websites and easiest ways to help a loved one in need. While many online fundraising websites cater towards more general fundraising efforts, GiveForward specializes in and is the premier online platform for medical fundraising.

Starting a fundraiser is easy and takes three simple steps. The most important step is to tell a compelling story. You don’t need to write a book but it is very important that you are specific about how the money will be used. Let your funders know how the money will make an impact on your loved one who needs support. Once you have your fundraiser set up and published, it is time to start spreading the word to your friends, family and everyone you may or may not know. You can promote your page via email, Facebook, and other social media sites. Be sure to have your friends share as well. Be sure to keep your friends and family up to date on your goal and how much you raised! Supporters can make donations by credit card or debit card. Once you have reached your goal or your fundraiser has ended, GiveForward’s payment process is quick, easy, and customizable. The Team Captain can choose how and when the funds will be distributed, so the person you are raising money for can get the help they need, when they need it. GiveForward do have a small fee that covers the things that keep them running. You can read about GiveForward fees here.

GiveForward recognizes that every person’s situation is different. GiveForward does have a few guidelines for fundraisers and works best for:

Medical Expenses including travel, medical equipment and service animals
Out-of-pocket living expenses that are associated with an illness or injury
“Bucket lists” associated with a terminal illness
Funeral expenses or memorial funds
Whether you’ve raised a dollar or thousands of dollars, GiveForward will always send the funds that you have raised (minus their fees) regardless of your goal amount. Be sure to give updates even after your fundraiser has ended, so that your supporters can continue to follow your story. If you would like more information or would like to start your own fundraiser, please visit the GiveForward Website


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